Consumers are demanding more control in their spending experiences

While digital wallets eliminate friction, there's a cost: confusion and a lack of confidence that we really know where our money is going.

27 October 2022,

New joint statement on principles for responsible algorithmic systems

The Association for Computing Machinery's global Technology Policy Council (TPC) has released a new Statement on Principles for Responsible Algorithmic Systems authored jointly by its US (USTPC) and Europe Technology Policy Committees (Europe TPC). Recognizing that algorithmic systems are increasingly used by governments and companies to make or recommend decisions that have far-reaching effects on individuals, organizations and society, the ACM Statement lays out nine instrumental principles intended to foster fair, accurate, and beneficial algorithmic decision-making.

26 October 2022,

Robots that can feel cloth layers may one day help with laundry

New research from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute can help robots feel layers of cloth rather than relying on computer vision tools to only see it. The work could allow robots to assist people with household tasks like folding laundry.

26 October 2022,

Borrowing a shape from a to-go cup lid, a drone wing could learn how to sense danger faster

The oddly satisfying small domes that you press on your soda's to-go cup lid may one day save a winged drone from a nosedive.

26 October 2022,

How AI powers Sam’s Club’s holiday product assortment

Sam’s Club has steadily increased its AI efforts to help get the right assortment into the right clubs at the right time during the holidays.

26 October 2022,

Everyday AI could become as ubiquitous and necessary as electricity

Like electricity, there will likely be a day when we can’t imagine life without AI. There’s a lot of work to do to put the pieces into place.

26 October 2022,

How diffusion models unlock new possibilities for generative creativity

A common denominator among all generative AI architectures is the use of a method known as the diffusion model, which takes inspiration from the physical process of gas molecule diffusion.

26 October 2022,

Finding COVID-19 fake news with a computer chatbot

The COVID-19 pandemic has been marked by ever-present fake news surrounding the behavior and effects of the coronavirus, the impact of social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantine, and the medical response in terms of vaccinations and pharmaceuticals.

26 October 2022,

Shutterstock partners with OpenAI to advance AI image generation

Shutterstock is expanding its partnership with OpenAI to advance how AI image generators are trained and how contributors are rewarded.

T2CI GAN: A deep learning model that generates compressed images from text

Generative adversarial networks (GANs), a class of machine learning frameworks that can generate new texts, images, videos, and voice recordings, have been found to be highly valuable for tackling numerous real-world problems. For instance, GANs have been successfully used to generate image datasets to train other deep learning algorithms, to generate videos or animations for specific uses, and to create suitable captions for images.

26 October 2022,

Report: 73% of ML decision-makers are worried headwinds may hinder further ML investments

Capital One’s new study reveals challenges, concerns and opportunities for companies using machine learning to improve business performance.

26 October 2022,

AIs become smarter if you tell them to think step by step

Artificial intelligence models can outperform humans at tasks they normally struggle with if they are told to think a certain way, but it doesn’t help them grasp sarcasm

26 October 2022,

Researchers create an algorithm that maximizes IoT sensor inference accuracy using edge computing

We are in a fascinating era where even low-resource devices, such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, can use deep learning algorithms to tackle complex problems such as image classification or natural language processing (the branch of artificial intelligence that deals with giving computers the ability to understand spoken and written language in the same way as humans).

25 October 2022,

Why are some leading tech companies moving to product-led support?

Product-led companies like Tesla, Uber, Lyft and others have moved on to a new kind of support methodology known as product-led support.

25 October 2022,

Bumble open-sources its lewd-spotting AI tool

Dating app Bumble is open-sourcing its lewd-spotting AI tool that was first introduced in 2019.

Artificial intelligence is used for predictive policing in the US and UK—South Africa should embrace it, too

In the 2002 movie Minority Report (based on a short story by Philip K Dick), director Steven Spielberg imagined a future in which three psychics can "see" murders before they happen. Their clairvoyance allows Tom Cruise and his "Precrime" police force to avert nearly all potential homicides.

25 October 2022,

Machine learning and signal processing design for edge acoustic applications

Edge computing is an architecture in which data and processing are placed as close as possible to end users. In cloud computing, in contrast, the computations happen in centralized data storage and processing units in which algorithms enjoy the luxury of complex computations.

25 October 2022,

Generative AI will ‘impact every tool out there,’ says Jasper CEO

Dave Rogenmoser, CEO of Jasper AI, says that generative AI is no flash in the pan — and enterprise companies should consider their strategy.

25 October 2022,

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