Why data remains the greatest challenge for machine learning projects

Appen’s latest State of AI Report reveals advances in helping enterprises overcome barriers to sourcing and preparing their data.

08 November 2022, venturebeat.com

Researchers develop superfast new method to manufacture high-performance thermoelectric devices

Yanliang Zhang, associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering at the University of Notre Dame, and collaborators Alexander Dowling and Tengfei Luo have developed a machine-learning assisted superfast new way to create high-performance, energy-saving thermoelectric devices.

08 November 2022, techxplore.com

Adversarial technique targeting vulnerability in KataGo allows sub-par program to win

A team of researchers with members from MIT, UC Berkely and FAR AI has created a computer program to target vulnerabilities in the KataGo program that allow it to beat the AI-based system. They have published a paper describing their efforts on the arXiv preprint server.

08 November 2022, techxplore.com

VEViD: A vision enhancement algorithm based on physics

In a new paper published in eLight, a team of scientists led by Professor Bahram Jalali and graduate student Callen MacPhee from UCLA have developed a new algorithm for performing computational imaging tasks. The paper "VEViD: Vision Enhancement via Virtual diffraction and coherent Detection" uses a physics-based algorithm to correct for poor illumination and low contrast in images captured in low-light conditions.

08 November 2022, techxplore.com

Study assesses the quality of AI literary translations by comparing them with human translations

Recent advancements in the field of machine learning (ML) have greatly improved the quality of automatic translation tools. At present, these tools are primarily used to translate basic sentences, as well as short texts or unofficial documents.

08 November 2022, techxplore.com

If we’re to have a future filled with EVs, we need highly dependable electronics

Today’s automobile might contain anywhere from 1,400 to over 3,000 individual semiconductor devices, and that number is growing with EVs.

08 November 2022, venturebeat.com

Sanofi signs latest billion-dollar AI drug discovery deal

The research collaboration comes on the heels of several other high-value AI drug discovery partnership announcements from Sanofi.

08 November 2022, venturebeat.com

Automatic speaker recognition technology outperforms human listeners in the courtroom

A key question in a number of court cases is whether a speaker on an audio recording is a particular known speaker, for example, whether a speaker on a recording of an intercepted telephone call is the defendant.

07 November 2022, techxplore.com

Speaking the same language: How artificial neurons mimic biological neurons

Artificial intelligence has long been a hot topic: a computer algorithm "learns" by being taught by examples: What is "right" and what is "wrong." Unlike a computer algorithm, the human brain works with neurons—cells of the brain. These are trained and pass on signals to other neurons.

07 November 2022, techxplore.com

Deepfakes are being used for good—here's how

In the second season of BBC mystery thriller The Capture, deepfakes threaten the future of democracy and UK national security. In a dystopia set in present day London, hackers use AI to insert these highly realistic false images and videos of people into live news broadcasts to destroy the careers of politicians.

07 November 2022, techxplore.com

AI and the future of gaming

Artificial Intelligence is an exciting topic for some and horrifying to others. Reality seems to fall somewhere in-between the extremes.

07 November 2022, venturebeat.com

The race is on to build generative AI for the enterprise | The AI Beat

In the wake of last week's release of the DALL-E API, startups racing to build generative AI for the enterprise are sure to follow.

07 November 2022, venturebeat.com

Is it just hype? How investors can vet a company’s AI claims

Determining the value of a company's AI requires an in-depth look under the hood and a nuanced understanding of the AI's role.

06 November 2022, venturebeat.com

Optimizing delivery logistics in an economic downturn

Even in a recession, businesses can revolutionize logistics with AI and ML, allowing them to optimize and enhance customer satisfaction.

05 November 2022, venturebeat.com

6 ways machine learning can boost your marketing processes

Businesses must use data and forge the right, long-lasting partnerships to ensure marketing ML deployments are tailored and always evolving.

05 November 2022, venturebeat.com

Machine-learning systems are problematic. That’s why tech bosses call them ‘AI’ | John Naughton

Pretending that opaque, error-prone ML is part of the grand, romantic quest to find artificial intelligence is an attempt to distract us from the truth

05 November 2022, theguardian.com

How knowledge graphs can revolutionize the digital customer experience

Brands invest heavily in content. Knowledge graphs make this actionable, improving resources and providing deeper insights.

05 November 2022, venturebeat.com

Top 5 stories of the week: AI news for Google, Nvidia, AT&T and Siemens

This week's top 5 stories on VentureBeat were all about AI, from a Google AI event to Nvidia joining the speech AI race, and more.

05 November 2022, venturebeat.com

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