What is artificial intelligence (AI) clustering? How it identifies patterns

Learn about AI clustering, how it's used in specific applications, its challenges and benefits (and what it can't do).

16 December 2022, venturebeat.com

What is machine perception? How artificial intelligence (AI) perceives the world

The types of machine perception — sight, sound and more — and what this kind of technology can do now, and can't do — yet.

16 December 2022, venturebeat.com

Opinion | My So-So Encounters with ChatGPT

If you can’t do your job better than A.I., maybe you need another job.

16 December 2022, nytimes.com

AI healthcare bottlenecks (and how to get through them)

What are the biggest challenges facing the increasing use of AI in healthcare? Find out — and learn some solutions.

16 December 2022, venturebeat.com

Top AI startup news of the week: Dataiku, Zappi, Vic.ai and more

As we get ready for 2023, this is the first VentureBeat weekly roundup of AI startup news — read more about last week's AI headline-makers.

16 December 2022, venturebeat.com

An AI-based platform to enhance and personalize e-learning

Researchers at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid have recently created an innovative, AI-powered platform that could enhance remote learning, allowing educators to securely monitor students and verify that they are attending compulsory online classes or exams.

16 December 2022, techxplore.com

Dabbsson raises $75M to power decentralized home energy ecosystem

Dabbsson has raised $75 million to power a decentralized home energy ecosystem using AI and EV-grade technology.

16 December 2022, venturebeat.com

AI & Big Data Expo: Exploring ethics in AI and the guardrails required 

The tipping point between acceptability and antipathy when it comes to ethical implications of artificial intelligence have long been thrashed out. Recently, the lines feel increasingly blurred; AI-generated art, or photography, not to mention the possibilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, reveals a greater sophistication of the technology.

Did Artificial Intelligence Just Get Too Smart?

The power and potential of a technology called ChatGPT have led some to claim it heralds a new era in computing.

16 December 2022, nytimes.com

Opinion | I Can’t Stop Talking to My New Chatbot Pal

ChatGPT makes a lot of mistakes. But it’s fun to talk to, and it knows its limitations.

16 December 2022, nytimes.com

Opinion | What I’m Thinking About at the End of 2022

Ezra Klein responds to listeners’ questions.

16 December 2022, nytimes.com

Biggest science news stories of 2022 as chosen by New Scientist

Nuclear fusion, infectious diseases and an incredible new space telescope were ongoing stories in 2022, but what were some of the other big scientific developments, discoveries and events of the year?

16 December 2022, newscientist.com

MoMA’s Daydream of Progress

An artist’s A.I. turns thousands of works from the museum’s collection into a cheerful vision of the next avant-garde. Will “Unsupervised” help MoMA stay relevant?

15 December 2022, nytimes.com

How the U.S. Census Bureau’s work to improve data privacy can be a lesson for enterprises

Government agencies like the U.S. Census Bureau are taking a closer look at their data privacy practices and responsibilities.

15 December 2022, venturebeat.com

Implementing AI during a worldwide talent shortage

Upskilling and investing in education are two ways to address the IT talent shortage, which is exacerbated by rapidly evolving AI models.

15 December 2022, venturebeat.com

Opinion | Why Moviegoers Are Now Staying Home

Readers discuss several reasons for the decline of moviegoing. Also: Elon Musk and Twitter; women’s health care; chatbot pitfalls.

15 December 2022, nytimes.com

Opinion | Will ChatGPT Make Me Irrelevant?

Artificial intelligence works magic but at a price: our pride of ownership and sense of purpose.

15 December 2022, nytimes.com

Stability AI to honor artist opt-out requests for Stable Diffusion 3

Stability AI says it will honor artist requests to opt-out of Stable Diffusion 3 training. Will it matter, for artists or the AI model?

15 December 2022, venturebeat.com

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