Two years after DALL-E debut, its inventor is “surprised” by impact

Two years ago today, OpenAI announced the debut of DALL-E. Inventor Aditya Ramesh says is he "surprised" by the model's massive impact.

05 January 2023,

Samsung’s vision ranges from TV for the visually impaired to net zero emissions by 2050

Samsung showed its vision for net zero emissions by 2050 as well as television for the visually impaired at CES 2023.

04 January 2023,

CES 2023 tech trends to watch

Steve Koenig, vice president of research at the CTA, point out the key trends to watch at the CES 2023 tech trade show.

04 January 2023,

Using machine learning to forecast amine emissions

Global warming is partly due to the vast amount of carbon dioxide that we release, mostly from power generation and industrial processes, such as making steel and cement. For a while now, chemical engineers have been exploring carbon capture, a process that can separate carbon dioxide and store it in ways that keep it out of the atmosphere.

04 January 2023,

Brunswick shows off self-docking boat tech and more

Brunswick, the world’s largest recreational marine technology company, today announced its plans to create future boats with self-docking.

04 January 2023,

AI startup looks to transform data into AI models and applications, closes series A funding

Taiwanese firm Profet AI has raised $5.6 million to expand into new markets with AI/ML solutions purpose-built for the manufacturing sector.

04 January 2023,

M3gan review – girlbot horror offers entertaining spin on teenage growing pains

Cheekily enjoyable chiller where a devastated girl seems saved by an eerily self-possessed robot companion – but all is not as it seems

04 January 2023,

Snowflake acquires Myst, looks to build time-series forecasting capabilities

Snowflake today signed a definitive agreement to acquire California-based time series forecasting company Myst.

04 January 2023,

AI threat detection that ‘understands you’ critical to thwarting attacks

AI threat detection is a critical tool that can help organizations protect themselves against increasingly complex cyber attacks.

04 January 2023,

Leveraging machine learning to help predict ship exhaust gas emissions

Ships are a major means of commercial transport, contributing to 80% of global goods and energy trade. However, they emit exhaust gases—from the engines when they are sailing, and from the engines and boiler when they dock in ports. These emissions negatively affect not only human health, but also the environment.

04 January 2023,

Pressure on Google as Microsoft plans to add ChatGPT to Bing

While it may sound intriguing, there are a number of “buts” around the news that Microsoft is planning to add ChatGPT to Bing.

04 January 2023,

How hybrid cybersecurity is strengthened by AI, machine learning and human intelligence

Human intelligence combined with AI and ML models enable hybrid cybersecurity to better predict, identify and stop security breaches.

04 January 2023,

AI’s leapfrog over automation: How Deloitte’s new AI platform liberates operational professionals

With AIOPS.D, any business process that has been digitized can be utilized to leapfrog over the automation process.

04 January 2023,

Microsoft and OpenAI to challenge Google Search with ChatGPT

Microsoft is set to use technology from OpenAI to challenge Google’s search dominance.

Self-driving stroller aims to lessen parents’ stress – at cost of $3,300

Hands-free, AI buggy on display at CES 2023 automatically brakes, warns of danger and can pilot itself while empty

04 January 2023,

Qualcomm pulls ahead with driver assistance chip technologies

Qualcomm said its chips have been adopted by carmakers who are rapidly creating advanced driver assistance systems.

04 January 2023,

DfAI: The missing piece of artificial intelligence engineering

Considering how quickly engineering design and manufacturing have advanced alongside computational developments, it may surprise you that very few engineers are trained in both engineering system design and artificial intelligence. There are countless opportunities for breakthrough improvements in how we develop new technology using AI in engineering design, but to succeed in these challenging areas, engineers must understand a new speciality—Design for Artificial Intelligence.

03 January 2023,

Defensive vs. offensive AI: Why security teams are losing the AI war

What enterprises can do to counter weaponized AI and ML wielded by cybercriminal gangs and nation-state threat actors.

03 January 2023,

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