An AI designed art that controlled monkeys’ brain cells | Science News

Art created by an artificial intelligence exacts unprecedented control over nerve cells tied to vision in monkey brains, and could lead to new neuroscience experiments.

02 May 2019,

Robot surgeon pokes its way inside human body to fix leaky heart

Bioengineers liken it to a self-driving car navigating to a desired destination inside a human body

24 April 2019,

Elon Musk says machine to connect human brain to computers is 'coming soon'

Entrepreneur say technology allowing humans to 'effectively merge with AI' is imminent

22 April 2019,

YouTube tool to fight fake news accidentally links Notre Dame fire to 9/11 terror attack

'Information panels' gave details about World Trade Center collapse during videos about inferno

16 April 2019,

Killer robots have been a part of military defence for a while

They are just one of the fears with developing technology, but such bots have been here for much longer than you think, writes Mike Ryder

09 April 2019,

Opinion: The consequences of our blind faith in Artificial Intelligence are catching up to us

Slowly but surely, machine learning has been creeping into and helping to shape public policy – in healthcare, policing, probation services and other areas. But are we ignoring crucial questions about this technology?

24 March 2019,

Japan city enlists AI to detect bullying in schools

Technology will examine the grade-level and gender of suspected victims and perpetrators

23 March 2019,

Warner Music signs first ever deal with an algorithm

German mood music app has been tasked with creating 20 albums in a single year

23 March 2019,

‘World’s first’ AI bin launched to tackle food waste by restaurants

Device uses machine learning to identify which types of food are being thrown away

22 March 2019,

Opinion: We would now rather be ruled over by robots than politicians. What has Brexit done to us?

We don’t like the idea of robots taking our jobs, so why do we think it’d be a good idea to let them lead? Let’s stop being ludicrous and consider whether we really would be prepared to sacrifice democracy for technocracy

21 March 2019,

Inside Youtube’s struggle to shut down videos of the New Zealand terror attack

Video-sharing website takes drastic steps to shut down footage of shooting

18 March 2019,

Abstracts from USCAP 2019: Index of Abstract Authors

Here, the authors sample air and surfaces in hospital rooms of COVID-19 patients, detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA in air samples of two of three tested airborne infection isolation rooms, and find surface contamination in 66.7% of tested rooms during the first week of illness and 20% beyond the first week of illness.

18 March 2019,

Abstracts from USCAP 2019: Index of Abstract Authors

As AI technology develops rapidly, it is widely recognized that ethical guidelines are required for safe and fair implementation in society. But is it possible to agree on what is ‘ethical AI’? A detailed analysis of 84 AI ethics reports around the world, from national and international organizations, companies and institutes, explores this question, finding a convergence around core principles but substantial divergence on practical implementation.

18 March 2019,

Nine companies are steering the future of artificial intelligence | Science News

In ‘The Big Nine,’ futurist Amy Webb explores the political and economic factors that are shaping artificial intelligence.

12 March 2019,

How Africa is seizing an AI opportunity

Despite visa problems and limited resources, African technologists are only accelerating their research. Can they make AI work for the continent?

10 March 2019,

Self-driving cars are be more likely to drive into black people, study claims

New study suggests autonomous vehicles might be racist

06 March 2019,

Stanford professor: Don’t let artificial intelligence pick your employees

Algorithms aren’t sophisticated enough to make these strategic hiring decisions–yet.

05 March 2019,

A data scientist calls for caution in trusting AI discoveries | Science News

Artificial intelligence that helps make scientific discoveries needs to get better at admitting its uncertainty, Genevera Allen says.

21 February 2019,

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