Facebook and Instagram going down reveals hidden notes left on your pictures

Artificial intelligence is used to guess who and what is in images

03 July 2019, independent.co.uk

What happens when cars get emotional?

“Ambient computing” and other sensor-driven technologies are promising to make cars of the very near future much safer.

27 June 2019, fastcompany.com

Smart speakers could call 999 if someone suffers cardiac arrest

‘These devices have amazing capabilities that we can take advantage of,’ says scientist

19 June 2019, independent.co.uk

Work just eight hours a week for peak mental health benefits, study finds

Research comes amid concerns over technology forcing workers to reduce hours

19 June 2019, independent.co.uk

One quarter of fans want more AI technology used in sport

Leatherhead Football Club, which plays in the seventh tier of English football, improved league position with help of tech

14 June 2019, independent.co.uk

Everyone’s talking about ethics in AI. Here’s what they’re missing

The rush toward ethical AI is leaving many of us behind.

14 June 2019, fastcompany.com

In-car tech: vital for our safety or a fatal distraction?

From parking sensors to hands-free phone systems, there are plenty of gadgets designed to reduce the possibility of a crash – but they could be making drivers more prone to errors

05 June 2019, independent.co.uk

Here’s AOC calling out the vicious circle of white men building biased face AI

The congresswoman questioned researcher Joy Buolamwini about the accuracy of facial recognition systems used by law enforcement, and the people who develop them.

22 May 2019, fastcompany.com

Robots are taking over farms faster than expected thanks to small start-ups

Farmers hope machines can be more precise and efficient than humans

18 May 2019, independent.co.uk

AI can learn real-world skills from playing StarCraft and Minecraft | Science News

By playing StarCraft and Minecraft, artificial intelligence is learning how to collaborate and adapt.

14 May 2019, sciencenews.org

A new AI acquired humanlike ‘number sense’ on its own | Science News

A new artificial intelligence seems to share our intuitive ability to estimate numbers at a glance.

13 May 2019, sciencenews.org

An AI designed art that controlled monkeys’ brain cells | Science News

Art created by an artificial intelligence exacts unprecedented control over nerve cells tied to vision in monkey brains, and could lead to new neuroscience experiments.

02 May 2019, sciencenews.org

Robot surgeon pokes its way inside human body to fix leaky heart

Bioengineers liken it to a self-driving car navigating to a desired destination inside a human body

24 April 2019, independent.co.uk

Elon Musk says machine to connect human brain to computers is 'coming soon'

Entrepreneur say technology allowing humans to 'effectively merge with AI' is imminent

22 April 2019, independent.co.uk

YouTube tool to fight fake news accidentally links Notre Dame fire to 9/11 terror attack

'Information panels' gave details about World Trade Center collapse during videos about inferno

16 April 2019, independent.co.uk

Killer robots have been a part of military defence for a while

They are just one of the fears with developing technology, but such bots have been here for much longer than you think, writes Mike Ryder

09 April 2019, independent.co.uk

Opinion: The consequences of our blind faith in Artificial Intelligence are catching up to us

Slowly but surely, machine learning has been creeping into and helping to shape public policy – in healthcare, policing, probation services and other areas. But are we ignoring crucial questions about this technology?

24 March 2019, independent.co.uk

Japan city enlists AI to detect bullying in schools

Technology will examine the grade-level and gender of suspected victims and perpetrators

23 March 2019, independent.co.uk

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