The global landscape of AI ethics guidelines

As AI technology develops rapidly, it is widely recognized that ethical guidelines are required for safe and fair implementation in society. But is it possible to agree on what is ‘ethical AI’? A detailed analysis of 84 AI ethics reports around the world, from national and international organizations, companies and institutes, explores this question, finding a convergence around core principles but substantial divergence on practical implementation.

02 September 2019,

‘Don’t be afraid of AI’: Daniel Pitchford on how businesses can demystify new technology

View From The Top: The co-founder of AI Business, a portal for the technology’s real-world applications, says the arrival of machines that can learn anything a human can could be anything up to 100 years away

24 August 2019,

Image of the Day: ButterflyNet

Scientists used machine learning to analyze the coevolution of physical traits in butterflies.

16 August 2019,

Cool new products from USA CBD Expo 2019

CBD Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center has come and gone. Here are the best products and solutions for the hemp industry we saw at the show.

08 August 2019,

AI Decodes Speech and Hearing Based on Brain Activity

The proof-of-concept study could be a step toward better assisted communication devices for paralyzed people.

30 July 2019,

Exclusive video: Yuval Harari on social inequality and the naivete of tech CEOs

Yuval Harari on social inequality and the naivete of tech CEOs

25 July 2019,

Elon Musk's plan to replicate the human brain with AI just received $1bn from Microsoft

'The creation of AGI will be the most important technological development in human history,' says OpenAI boss

23 July 2019,

The worrying thing that happens when you use the viral face aging app

App provokes shock with pictures – and concern about what they could be used for

17 July 2019,

Police testing technology to 'assess the risk of someone committing a crime'

Critics say 'Minority Report-style policing' must be stopped

17 July 2019,

Opinion: Applying AI to Clinical Care Is Key to Individualized Medicine

Not only can artificial intelligence revolutionize healthcare, it could help restore the doctor-patient relationship.

15 July 2019,

Topol on Deep Medicine

Eric Topol, founder and director of Scripps Research Translational Institute and Reading Frames author, discusses the future of the doctor-patient bond in an era of artificial intelligence-driven medicine.

15 July 2019,

Book Excerpt from Deep Medicine

In Chapter 10, “Deep Discovery,” author Eric Topol considers the marriage of omics and AI.

15 July 2019,

Artificial intelligence has now pretty much conquered poker | Science News

A new artificial intelligence called Pluribus is a real card shark at six-player no-limit Texas Hold’em.

11 July 2019,

Facebook AI just beat professional poker players in a major artificial intelligence breakthrough

Pluribus became the first computer to win at no-limit Texas hold ’em

11 July 2019,

Why is the US military building a vast AI system and how will it change the battlefield of the future?

Amazon and Microsoft are vying for a controversial 'war cloud' contract worth $10 billion

10 July 2019,

Facebook and Instagram going down reveals hidden notes left on your pictures

Artificial intelligence is used to guess who and what is in images

03 July 2019,

What happens when cars get emotional?

“Ambient computing” and other sensor-driven technologies are promising to make cars of the very near future much safer.

27 June 2019,

Smart speakers could call 999 if someone suffers cardiac arrest

‘These devices have amazing capabilities that we can take advantage of,’ says scientist

19 June 2019,

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