Nvidia boosts generative AI for biology with BioNeMo

Nvidia and Evozyne announced BioNeMo helped build a new generative AI model that could help improve human health as well as climate change.

12 January 2023, venturebeat.com

Development of an ionic device capable of brain-like information processing

A Tokyo University of Science research team has developed an AI device with high information processing performance. This was achieved by recreating the so-called "edge-of-chaos" state occurring in the brain using ion–electron-coupled dynamics at the solid electrolyte/diamond interface.

12 January 2023, techxplore.com

ChatGPT, DALL-E 2 and the collapse of the creative process

The technology’s focus on the framing of the artistic task amounts to the fetishization of the creative moment – and devalues the journey that waters the seed of an idea to its fruition.

12 January 2023, theconversation.com

U.S. VC exits were down 90.5% in 2022 with just $71.4B in value | NVCA

Connect with top gaming leaders in Los Angeles at GamesBeat Summit 2023 this May 22-23. Register here. After years of frenzy and soaring valuations, U.S. venture capital investment levels and returns came crashing down in 2022 as the world economy faltered.

12 January 2023, venturebeat.com

Should schools ban ChatGPT or embrace the technology instead?

School districts and universities are banning the ChatGPT AI that writes in a human-like fashion but some teachers say a better approach may be to incorporate it into the curriculum

12 January 2023, newscientist.com

ChatGPT bot 'for professional use' on the way

Hot startup OpenAI on Wednesday initiated a waitlist for a professional and paid version of its software ChatGPT, which has sparked debate about artificial intelligence and the future of work.

11 January 2023, techxplore.com

Microsoft, OpenAI, ChatGPT, yada yada yada

So anyway, Microsoft, OpenAI, ChatGPT, yada yada yada, even Open AI CEO Sam Altman has a vomit emoji face right now.

11 January 2023, venturebeat.com

DeepL targets AI translation for enterprises with fresh $100 million

Seeking to target enterprise customers with AI language translation, DeepL announced a funding raise estimated at well over $100 million.

11 January 2023, venturebeat.com

OpenAI opens waitlist for paid version of ChatGPT

OpenAI has opened a waitlist for access to a paid version of ChatGPT that features additional improvements.

4 AI and ML job hunting tips from Chip Huyen

It may be a tough market, but author and computer scientist Chip Huyen says there are several ways AI and ML job hunters can stand out.

11 January 2023, venturebeat.com

Microsoft's VALL-E can faithfully reproduce a voice after listening to a three second recording

A team of researchers at Microsoft has demonstrated a new AI system that is capable of mimicking a person's voice after training with a recording just three seconds long. The team explains developing the new app in a paper published on the arXiv preprint server.

11 January 2023, techxplore.com

Artificial intelligence is here, but the technology faces major challenges in 2023

Although artificial intelligence has been present in our lives for years, 2022 served as a major proving ground for the technology. Between ChatGPT, AI art generation and Hollywood embracing AI, AI found a new kind of foothold––and hype––with the general public.

11 January 2023, techxplore.com

A deep belief neural network based on silicon memristive synapses

While artificial intelligence (AI) models are becoming increasingly advanced, training and running these models on conventional computer hardware is very energy consuming. Engineers worldwide have thus been trying to create alternative, brain-inspired hardware that could better support the high computational load of AI systems.

11 January 2023, techxplore.com

The 3 differentiators that make technology teams great

While great technology organizations invest heavily in building developers’ skills, they know skill-building is just one piece of the puzzle.

11 January 2023, venturebeat.com

College student claims app can detect essays written by chatbot ChatGPT

Princeton senior Edward Tian says GPTZero can root out text composed by the controversial AI bot, but users cite mixed results

11 January 2023, theguardian.com

AI and the future of work: 5 experts on what ChatGPT, DALL-E and other AI tools mean for artists and knowledge workers

Now that AI systems can generate realistic images and convincing prose, are creative and knowledge workers endangered or poised for productivity gains? A panel of experts says it’s not so clear-cut.

11 January 2023, theconversation.com

Eye movement science is helping us learn about how we think

Eye movement studies can track where someone is at in their thinking process.

11 January 2023, theconversation.com

AI’s Best Trick Yet Is Showering Us With Attention

Face filters and selfie apps are so compelling because they simulate limitless interest in what we look like.

11 January 2023, nytimes.com

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