Kidnapping, trafficking and gang violence: Inside China’s quest to become an AI superpower

The Belt and Road Initative has brought an unprecedented influx of Chinese investment to the sleepy town of Sihanoukville in Cambodia. But, as Brian McGleenon discovers, with great capital comes even greater control

14 April 2020,

Making big data processing more energy efficient using magnetic circuits

New research finds that magnetic wires, spaced a certain way, can lead to a 20-30x reduction in the amount of energy needed to run neural network training algorithms.

13 April 2020,

Discord introduces background noise suppression in beta

Discord is adding a new noise suppression feature in beta as part of a partnership with, which it’s rolling out to all desktop users. The tech detects and removes background noises so voices can be heard more clearly.

10 April 2020,

Robots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates Automation

Broad unease about losing jobs to machines could dissipate as people focus on the benefits of minimizing close human contact.

10 April 2020,

L&T uses artificial intelligence to help 20 cities combat Covid-19

The pandemic has resulted in great demand for digital services for healthcare and monitoring and countries across the world are using solutions for population screening, tracking the infection, allocating resources, and managing communication and responses.

10 April 2020,

Top CEOs discuss Artificial Intelligence and jobs at ET GBS 2020

Hero Enterprise chairman Sunil Munjal, upGrad co-founder Ronnie Screwvala, BCG's Neeraj Aggarwal, Apollo Hospitals MD Suneeta Reddy and CG Group chairman Binod Chaudhary during a CEO panel titled 'Entering the Decade of Disruption' on Day 01 of ET Global Business Summit 2020, held in New Delhi Friday.

10 April 2020,

Thanks to 'flexoskeletons,' these insect-inspired robots are faster and cheaper to make

Engineers have developed a new method that doesn't require any special equipment and works in just minutes to create soft, flexible, 3D-printed robots. The structures were inspired by insect exoskeletons, which have both soft and rigid parts -- the researchers called their creations 'flexoskeletons.

09 April 2020,

Reducing delays in wireless networks

Congestion control system could help streaming video, mobile games, and other applications run more smoothly.

09 April 2020,

Google expands AI calling service Duplex to Australia, Canada, and the UK

Google’s automated, artificial intelligence-powered calling service Duplex is now available in more countries, according to a support page updated today. In addition to the US and New Zealand, Duplex is now available in Australia, Canada, and the UK, reports VentureBeat.

08 April 2020,

Artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of heart failure

To avoid metabolic overload and divide tasks, synthetic biologists are turning to microbial consortia engineering. Here the authors design a co-culture controller that autonomously regulates population composition.

08 April 2020,

The need for a system view to regulate artificial intelligence/machine learning-based software as medical device

Redox-responsive transcriptional regulators can enable user-specified electronic control over biological functions. Here the authors demonstrate electronic control of CRISPRa and CRISPRi using redox signalling.

07 April 2020,

Learning about artificial intelligence: A hub of MIT resources for K-12 students

New website offers a combination of learning units, hands-on activities, and mentor guides to foster AI literacy.

07 April 2020,

Computational thinking class enables students to engage in Covid-19 response

Nearly 300 students join an open course that applies data science, artificial intelligence, and mathematical modeling using the Julia language to study Covid-19.

07 April 2020,

Smart toilet uses artificial intelligence camera to detect 'anal print'

Users warned they ‘must make their peace with a camera that scans their anus’

06 April 2020,

'Magic toilet' could monitor users' health, say researchers

System of sensors and cameras would turn loo into ‘daily clinic’ and detect problems early

06 April 2020,

Deepmind AI can understand the unusual atomic structure of glass

Glass has an unusual atomic structure that resembles a liquid frozen in place, making it hard to predict how it will behave. DeepMind has developed an AI capable of doing so, which may also be able to predict traffic jams

06 April 2020,

Photorealistic Simulation Engine Used to Train Driverless Cars Before They Hit the Road

Using a photorealistic simulation engine, vehicles learn to drive in the real world and recover from near-crash scenarios. A simulation system invented at MIT to train driverless cars creates a photorealistic world with infinite steering possibilitie

05 April 2020,

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