A self-improving pyramid stereo network for intelligent transport systems

In autonomous driving, stereo vision-based depth estimation technology can help to accurately estimate the distance of obstacles, which is crucial for correct path planning of the vehicle.

22 May 2020, techxplore.com

Nvidia’s GameGAN generates games like Pac-Man by watching videos

Nvidia researchers created an AI system that can synthesize video games simply by watching videos of other games, as well as actions taken in those games.

22 May 2020, venturebeat.com

Microsoft flexed its cloud and AI muscles at Build 2020

The company’s investments in cloud and machine learning are starting to deliver real products. It’s a bold proposition, but one with the potential to propel Microsoft’s productivity software ahead of Google’s. These components can be inserted into emails or even a chat app like Microsoft’s Teams.

22 May 2020, engadget.com

Nvidia’s AI recreates Pac-Man from scratch just by watching it being played

Researchers from Nvidia have used artificial intelligence to recreate Pac-Man from scratch. The program they created, named GameGAN, created a playable version of the classic arcade title simply by watching it being played.

22 May 2020, theverge.com

Killer apps: New book explores media systems and the rise of military automation

A U of T Mississauga researcher is challenging naïve assumptions that technology can be easily controlled or grounded by policy and law, arguing that all technologies will be weaponized as the military establishment continues to seek increasingly sophisticated systems.

22 May 2020, techxplore.com

Artificial intelligence can make personality judgments based on photographs

Russian researchers from HSE University and Open University for the Humanities and Economics have demonstrated that artificial intelligence is able to infer people's personality from 'selfie' photographs better than human raters do. Conscientiousness emerged to be more easily recognizable than the other four traits.

22 May 2020, techxplore.com

Startup Deploying AI Chatbots With “Conversational Memory” for More Natural Exchanges

Startup Posh has created chat bots that use “conversational memory” to have more natural exchanges. The comedian Bill Burr has said he refuses to call into automated customer service lines for fear that, years later on his death bed, all he’ll be abl

22 May 2020, scitechdaily.com

How a robotic dog is herding sheep in New Zealand – video

A herd of New Zealand sheep is moved along by a a robotic dog called Spot

22 May 2020, theguardian.com

NVIDIA's AI built Pac-Man from scratch in four days

Pac-Man is 40 today. To celebrate, NVIDIA trained an AI to recreate the game in its entirety based solely off it watching another AI play.

22 May 2020, engadget.com

Covid-19 Will Accelerate the AI Health Care Revolution

Disease diagnosis, drug discovery, robot delivery—artificial intelligence is already powering change in the pandemic’s wake. That’s only the beginning.

22 May 2020, wired.com

The challenges of deploying artificial intelligence models in a rapidly evolving pandemic

The attention and resources of AI researchers have been captured by COVID-19. However, successful adoption of AI models in the fight against the pandemic is facing various challenges, including moving clinical needs as the epidemic progresses and the necessity to translate models to local healthcare situations.

22 May 2020, nature.com

Artificial intelligence cooperation to support the global response to COVID-19

In an unprecedented effort of scientific collaboration, researchers across fields are racing to support the response to COVID-19. Making a global impact with AI tools will require scalable approaches for data, model and code sharing; adapting applications to local contexts; and cooperation across borders.

22 May 2020, nature.com

Google says it won’t build new AI solutions for the fossil fuel industry

File this under: minimal possible effort. Google today confirmed it will “no longer develop artificial intelligence (AI) software and tools for oil and gas drilling operations.” Will Grannis, Managing Director of the Office of the CTO at Google Cloud

21 May 2020, thenextweb.com

Researchers use predictive models to calculate more accurate COVID-19 case fatality ratios

In a paper, researchers developed models that attempt to mitigate biases in coronavirus case fatality ratios for various countries.

21 May 2020, venturebeat.com

Nvidia reports $3.08 billion in Q1 2020 revenue, up 39% as AI and cloud soar

Nvidia posted revenues of $3.08 billion for the first quarter ended April 26, up 39% from a year earlier as datacenter revenues soared.

21 May 2020, venturebeat.com

A Case for Cooperation Between Machines and Humans

A computer scientist argues that the quest for fully automated robots is misguided, perhaps even dangerous. His decades of warnings are gaining more attention.

21 May 2020, nytimes.com

Google brings new and updated accessibility tools to Android, Maps, and more

To commemorate the ninth annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day today, Google released and updated a slew of AI-powered accessibility tools.

21 May 2020, venturebeat.com

Facebook’s using AI to find scammers and imposters on Messenger

Facebook is using AI to spot scammers on Messenger. The feature searches for suspicious activity without reading your chats

21 May 2020, thenextweb.com

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