Microsoft Azure OpenAI service now generally available, with ChatGPT on the way

Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure OpenAI Service, which allows businesses to power their apps with large-scale AI models.

17 January 2023,

‘This song sucks’: Nick Cave responds to ChatGPT song written in style of Nick Cave

Singer-songwriter dissects lyrics produced by popular chatbot, saying it is ‘a grotesque mockery of what it is to be human’

17 January 2023,

ChatGPT detector could help spot cheaters using AI to write essays

A tool called GPTZero can identify whether text was produced by a chatbot, which could help teachers tell if students are getting AI to help with their homework

17 January 2023,

Artificial intelligence to help prevent illegal construction

Unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, are no longer a surprise to passers-by during events or on a sunny afternoon in the city center. Drones, which have long been used in warfare, are now popular not only with professional and amateur filmmakers but also with researchers.

16 January 2023,

Building an AI governance strategy that works

Any organization that uses or develops AI should focus on their AI governance practices, lest they put their business and customers at risk.

16 January 2023,

Stable Diffusion AI art lawsuit, plus caution from OpenAI, DeepMind | The AI Beat

Stability AI and Midjourney were hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit, while OpenAI and DeepMind are signaling generative AI caution.

16 January 2023,

Lecturer detects bot use in one-fifth of assessments as concerns mount over AI in exams

Deakin University’s Sally Brandon says technology ‘not going away’ as educators strive to adapt to use of software such as ChatGPT

16 January 2023,

Portraits to go and prose like Tim Winton: ChatGPT and the rise of AI

AI expert Prof Toby Walsh speaks to Laura Murphy-Oates about the new wave of artificial intelligence and the fear and fascination it has created

16 January 2023,

From a 'deranged' provocateur to IBM's failed AI superproject: the controversial story of how data has transformed healthcare

To understand the potential for machine learning to transform medicine, we must go back to the controversial origins of data use in healthcare

16 January 2023,

GitHub Code Brushes uses ML to update code ‘like painting with Photoshop’

GitHub Next has unveiled a project called Code Brushes which uses machine learning to update code “like painting with Photoshop”.

Alarmed by A.I. Chatbots, Universities Start Revamping How They Teach

With the rise of the popular new chatbot ChatGPT, colleges are restructuring some courses and taking preventive measures.

16 January 2023,

How soon will M3gan become reality? Robot ethicists weigh in

The horror movie’s hi-tech star may be fiction, but concerns over the human relationship with AI are real

16 January 2023,

How AI can mitigate supply chain issues

How AI can spur efficiency and productivity, prevent human error and protect the supply chain from future crises.

15 January 2023,

AI, do my homework! How ChatGPT pitted teachers against tech

Know-it-all chatbots landed with a bang last year, convincing one engineer that machines had become sentient, spreading panic that industries could be wiped out, and creating fear of a cheating epidemic in schools and universities.

15 January 2023,

Opinion | How ChatGPT Hijacks Democracy

The greatest threat AI may present is its ability to replace humans in lobbying.

15 January 2023,

How machine learning can help alleviate the U.S. labor shortage

Advances in machine learning can identify causalities and correlations to help recruiters and job seekers find successful matches.

14 January 2023,

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