If you’re ever lost on the Moon - fear not, because AI can guide you safely back to your spacecraft! How? Read on to find out…

07 June 2020, aidaily.co.uk

AI has just made PAC-MAN

NVIDIA technology has just procedurally generated the 40-year old gaming classic. What’s next?

07 June 2020, aidaily.co.uk

Robot Journalism - Could AI Daily be Staffed Entirely by AI?

Is it possible that in the near future, media-outlets could be staffed predominantly by AI? Exploring so-called “robot journalism” and its implications for the future of journalism and media.

07 June 2020, aidaily.co.uk

An Egg-Cellent Machine

A group of engineers have trained a robot to prepare an omelette, all the way from cracking eggs to plating and serving the finished dish, and polished the ‘chef’s’ culinary skills to achieve the workings of a reliable dish that veritably tastes good.

06 June 2020, aidaily.co.uk

Could AI Finally Learn To Be Emotionally Intelligent?

When we think of robots, we often think of mechanical objects that repeatedly carry out an simple task or serve to the more basic roles in society and while media may have portrayed robots that could mimic human behaviour from movies such as Big hero

05 June 2020, aidaily.co.uk

Researchers call for new federal authority to regulate facial recognition tech

A group of artificial intelligence experts including computer vision researcher and lead author Erik Learned-Miller of the University of Massachusetts Amherst's College of Information and Computer Sciences recently proposed a new model for managing facial recognition technologies at the federal level.

05 June 2020, techxplore.com

The AI community says Black Lives Matter, but more work needs to be done

The AI community stood with the Black Lives Matter movement in a meaningful way this week, but work remains to be done to effect change.

05 June 2020, venturebeat.com

AI Weekly: Dismantle white supremacy for the good of us all

Whether it's white supremacy or AI from tech giants, systems made to work best for white men are incompatible with a diverse world.

05 June 2020, venturebeat.com

ProBeat: Black journalists in tech you should follow

VentureBeat Executive Editor Emil Protalinski uses his ProBeat column this week to amplify the voices of 10 black journalists in tech.

05 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Amazon’s new AI technique lets users virtually try on outfits

In new papers, Amazon researchers propose techniques that let users virtually try on apparel and find items that complement their wardrobe.

05 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Point of care: Life-saving clinical trial technology at the crossroads

The fate of nations may depend upon the contributions of brave patients willing to risk their lives for treatments and vaccines. The technology that supports them, like most everything else, has been ravaged by the pandemic.

05 June 2020, zdnet.com

IIHS report finds autonomous cars would prevent only ‘a third’ of U.S. crashes

Self-driving cars, long touted by developers as a way to eliminate road deaths, could likely only prevent a third of all U.S. road crashes.

05 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Contact-tracing: Still no firm date for when the UK's app will arrive

The NHS contact-tracing app should have been available to download in May, but it still doesn't have a launch date.

05 June 2020, zdnet.com

Combat drone to compete against piloted plane

The US Air Force will pit an advanced autonomous aircraft against a piloted plane in tests.

05 June 2020, bbc.com

Elon Musk: 'Time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong'

Elon Musk calls for break-up of space rival Jeff Bezos' Amazon in row over a book on coronavirus lockdowns.

05 June 2020, zdnet.com

Atom Power raises $17.8 million for next-gen digital circuit breakers

Atom Power, which has built a solid-state digital circuit breaker for commercial and industrial applications, has raised $17.75 million.

05 June 2020, venturebeat.com

The best lighting products and solutions for your home office in 2020

Whether you need to revamp your office to make working from home easier or want to look better on those conference calls, we have you covered.

05 June 2020, zdnet.com

To Zoom or not to Zoom? Virtual parliament continues - at least for some

The UK's experiment with a virtual parliament has not quite come to an end, yet.

05 June 2020, zdnet.com

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