Microsoft’s AI editor publishes stories about its own racist error

Microsoft’s replacement of human editors with artificial intelligence has faced its first big embarrassment.

Noise-cancellation comes to Google Meet

Google is making noise this week—or should we say it's making no noise—with its rollout of a new feature for its video-conferencing app Meet.

10 June 2020,

Best free video streaming services in 2020: Crackle, IMDb TV, Pluto TV, and more

Is money tight? Have you binge-watched everything on Netflix that you ever wanted to see? Here are ways to find new-to-you, great movies plus TV shows for free.

10 June 2020,

CyberGraph: mapping cyber threats to prevent the next attack

Although nearly every aspect of our lives relies on technology, our current cybersecurity infrastructure is not prepared to effectively defend our social, economic and political organizations from advancing cyberattacks, said Howie Huang, a professor of electrical and computer engineering in the George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science.

10 June 2020,

Flatfile raises $7.6 million for AI that extracts and transforms spreadsheet data

Flatfile, a startup developing a platform that ingests and transforms data from spreadsheets, raised $7.6 million in equity financing.

10 June 2020,

Domino Data Lab raises $43 million to help companies keep their AI models up to date

Domino Data Lab, a company developing a platform for AI and machine learning model management, has raised $43 million in financing.

10 June 2020,

Scientists create a neural network for adaptive shock absorbers

Scientists at South Ural State University have proposed an effective low-level controller based on an artificial neural network with a time delay for an adaptive shock absorber. Yuri Rozhdestvensky, DSc, and his research team described the use of an active shock absorber control algorithm based on an artificial neural network.

10 June 2020,

NS8 raises $123 million to thwart ecommerce fraud using behavioral analytics

NS8, a fraud prevention platform designed to protect online transactions, has raised $123 million in a round of funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

10 June 2020,

A military EDC that lifts up to 45,000 pounds

Synthetic fibers and some old fashioned engineering chops led to this man-packable, mission-critical device.

10 June 2020,

Animals evolved 'extreme weapons' through duels, scientists say after forcing artificial intelligence to fight each other

Arms races are more likely to accelerate when there are only two opponents, study reveals

10 June 2020,

AI has a big data problem. Here's how to fix it

Supervised algorithms require lots of data, and often result in shaky predictions. Is it time for the next stage of AI?

10 June 2020,

Ethical AI and the importance of guidelines for algorithms — explained

In October, Amazon had to discontinue an artificial intelligence–powered recruiting tool after it discovered the system was biased against female applicants. In 2016, a ProPublica investigation revealed a recidivism assessment tool that used machine learning was biased against black defendants.

10 June 2020,

Reserve Bank of Australia gets 'data bunker' project underway

This data bunker is part of its ongoing efforts to improve the resilience of the payment system, the Reserve Bank said.

10 June 2020,

Artificial Brains Need Sleep Too – Desperate AI Researchers Discover Way to Stabilize Neuromorphic Processors

States that resemble sleep-like cycles in simulated neural networks quell the instability that comes with uninterrupted self-learning in artificial analogs of brains. No one can say whether androids will dream of electric sheep, but they will almost

10 June 2020,

World's first spherical artificial eye has 3D retina

Scientists have developed the world's first 3D artificial eye with capabilities better than existing bionic eyes and in some cases, even exceed those of the human eyes, bringing vision to humanoid robots and new hope to patients with visual impairment.

10 June 2020,

Protection of layers and breeders against homologous or heterologous HPAIv by vaccines from Korean national antigen bank

An artificial intelligence-based method may infill gaps in historical temperature data more effectively than conventional techniques. Application of this method reveals a stronger global warming trend between 1850 and 2018 than estimated previously.

10 June 2020,

Maternal plasma metabolic markers of neonatal adiposity and associated maternal characteristics: The GUSTO study

Contact-tracing apps could help keep countries open before a vaccine is available. But do we have a sufficient understanding of their efficacy, and can we balance protecting public health with safeguarding civil rights? We interviewed five experts, with backgrounds in digital health ethics, internet law and social sciences.

10 June 2020,

If we can automate apathy, can we automate activism?

Fighting racism is a 24/7 battle. And right now is an important time to consider what tech privilege can and should be doing to help wage that battle.

09 June 2020,

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