Facebook’s new choreography AI is a dancing queen

It is capable of interpreting his company’s dance style and generating more movements based on the using thousands of hours of video it was trained on. What’s more they were limited to the style of the dances and music they had been trained on. But Facebook’s AI is much more stylistically flexible.

23 June 2020, engadget.com

DoNotPay’s legal bots help consumers fight the system during lockdown

DoNotPay, which creates legal bots to fight the system on your behalf, has raised $12 million in a round of funding led by Coatue Management.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

AI and climate prediction

With the threat of climate change looming large, we will need to use every weapon in our arsenal to combat it. One of our newest is AI.

23 June 2020, aidaily.co.uk

Conversational AI startup Rasa shows steady growth with fresh $26 million

Rasa, a startup developing open source conversational AI tools, raised $26 million in venture capital from Andreessen Horowitz and others.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Silicon nanowire transistors with both learning and memory functions

Neuromorphic computing entails building architectures inspired by elements of the human brain, such as neural organization and synapses. These architectures have proved to be highly promising and advantageous for a number of applications, as they can have both memory and learning functions.

23 June 2020, techxplore.com

Appen: 75% of employees believe AI is critical to their business

In a survey conducted by AI data services company Appen, 75% of employees said they considered AI critical to their business.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Authomize lands $6 million to automate identity governance and administration

Authomize emerged from stealth with $6 million in funding to further develop its automated identity governance and administration solution.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

How an AI learned to stitch up patients by studying surgical videos

The algorithm -- known as Motion2Vec -- was trained on footage of medics using da Vinci surgical robots to stitch up wounds

23 June 2020, thenextweb.com

PayPal hiring push hints at future cryptocurrency support

New vacancies suggest the company is keen to explore emerging blockchain technologies.

23 June 2020, zdnet.com

Virgin Galactic inks deal with NASA to train astronauts for commercial space trips

NASA, and the ISS, are a big part of Virgin’s private spaceflight plans.

23 June 2020, zdnet.com

Singapore bank dispenses telehealth app with access to 100 medical professionals

Provided through a partnership with seven medical groups, OCBC Bank's HealthPass mobile app lets patients book consultations with any one of more than 100 GPs and specialists and have the prescribed medication delivered to their doorstep.

23 June 2020, zdnet.com

Labor echoes Greens' call for a Royal Commission into robo-debt

Labor is parading the idea of launching a Royal Commission into the Centrelink automated compliance scheme, following the Australian Greens' call for one three weeks ago.

23 June 2020, zdnet.com

A furry social robot can reduce pain and increase happiness

Researchers have discovered that a single, 60-minute interaction with PARO actually improved mood as well as reduced mild or severe pain. When participants touched PARO, they experienced greater pain reduction than when it was simply present in their room.

23 June 2020, sciencedaily.com

Getting real with immersive sword fights

Sword fights are often the weak link in virtual reality (VR) fighting games, with digital avatars engaging in battle using imprecise, pre-recorded movements that barely reflect the player's actions or intentions. Now a team has found a solution to the challenges of creating realistic VR sword fights: Touche - a data-driven computer model based on machine learning.

23 June 2020, sciencedaily.com

India has just entered the AI market with a Bang.

India has just announced that they will be joining some of the world’s biggest economic and political powerhouses to form the Global Partnership on Artificial intelligence (GPAI). In this article, we will look at how this movie will be beneficial for both the country and AI itself.

22 June 2020, aidaily.co.uk

Apple’s ARKit 4 introduces new depth capabilities and expands face tracking to more devices

Apple announced ARKit 4.0 during its 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference, bringing a slate of augmented reality improvements.

22 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Scribble’s iPad update could be an accessibility game-changer

Apple today announced several new features for Scribble on iPad including a drawing assistance and handwriting-to-text tool. These features aren’t necessarily aimed at the disabled community, but I think they could be revolutionary. Scribble’s being touted as a time-saver.

22 June 2020, thenextweb.com

Apple confirms Mac transition to ARM CPUs, Rosetta 2 Intel emulation

Following three years of rumors, Apple is officially beginning the process of moving the Mac over to CPUs based on ARM technology, like iPhones and iPads.

22 June 2020, venturebeat.com

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