What a machine learning tool that turns Obama white can (and can’t) tell us about AI bias

The AI Face Depixelizer tool uses machine learning to generate high-resolution faces from low-resolution inputs. But many say the algorithm is biased, defaulting toward white faces, as illustrated when an input using Barack Obama is turned into a white man.

23 June 2020, theverge.com

Machine Learning Has a Huge Flaw: It’s Gullible

Research shows how humans can shield machine learning from manipulation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are poised to supercharge productivity in the knowledge economy, transforming the future of work. But they’re far from perfect.

23 June 2020, scitechdaily.com

Facebook claims wav2vec 2.0 tops speech recognition performance with 10 minutes of labeled data

In a new paper, Facebook researchers detail wav2vec 2.0, which ostensibly achieves state-of-the-art speech recognition performance.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Trump’s latest immigration ban is bad news for US AI ambitions

Trump's suspension of the H-1B visa program for highly-skilled workers will cut off US access to international AI talent.

23 June 2020, thenextweb.com

Letter decrying predictive criminality AI research paper passes 1,000 signatures

In response to a research paper that claims to predict criminality from people's faces, hundreds demand its withdrawal from publication.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Deep drone acrobatics

A navigation algorithm developed at the University of Zurich enables drones to learn challenging acrobatic maneuvers. Autonomous quadcopters can be trained using simulations to increase their speed, agility and efficiency, which benefits conventional search and rescue operations.

23 June 2020, techxplore.com

Google divorces ML Kit from Firebase, adds entity extraction and pose detection APIs

Google is making it easier to use ML Kit, its suite of machine learning tools for mobile app developers, without Firebase.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz detail self-driving system with automated routing and parking

Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz detailed the autonomous driving system that'll power forthcoming vehicles from the latter company.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

AI tool turns low-pixel faces into realistic images

A photo editing tool designed by a programming team at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, raises prospects for sharper, cleaner images in digital presentations and also promises hours of fun for older-video game fans who can now generate crystal clear faces for low-pixel characters who populated early products.

23 June 2020, techxplore.com

SqueezeBERT promises faster mobile NLP while maintaining BERT levels of accuracy

SqueezeBERT is NLP from former DeepScale CEO Forrest Iandola that's 4.3 times faster than BERT on a Pixel smartphone, with lower latency than MobileBERT.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Lyft crowdsources driver data to train its autonomous vehicle systems

Lyft says that it has begun collecting data from ride-hailing drivers in its network to better train its autonomous vehicle systems.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Silicon Valley summers ... and winter is coming

Silicon Valley once had plenty of time to schmooze and give out awards. COVID-19 accelerated many technology trends, which means that it also accelerated the arrival of future problems. We will need some solutions pretty fast.

23 June 2020, zdnet.com

Autonomous forklift developer Third Wave emerges from stealth with $15 million

Third Wave Automation, a startup developing an autonomous forklift platform, emerged from stealth with $15 million in series A funding.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Nylas nabs $25 million as the API economy explodes

Nylas, which provides email, calendar, and contact APIs for developers to build into their own apps, has raised $25 million in a series B round of funding.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Fork off: This ubiquitous machine is about to turn into a robot

Humans have a role in the future of work, but shared autonomy may be the new reality for warehouse and logistics.

23 June 2020, zdnet.com

Apple Big Sur: Here's what makes new macOS 'biggest update to design in over a decade'

Apple has revamped the macOS desktop in Big Sur in preparation for a future more aligned with iOS and iPadOS.

23 June 2020, zdnet.com

Didi Chuxing targets 1 million autonomous taxis by 2030

Chinas ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing aims to operate more than 1 million self-driving cars through its platform by 2030.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

Researchers propose AI system that reverse-engineers black box apps

In a preprint paper, researchers propose an AI technique that reverse-engineers programs without any privileged knowledge.

23 June 2020, venturebeat.com

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