An artificial intelligence-aided virtual screening recipe for two-dimensional materials discovery

Digital health technologies (DHTs) have a variety of interesting current and possible future applications in rheumatology. In this article, the authors describe some of the key barriers that prevent DHT integration into rheumatology care and discuss ways in which these barriers could be addressed.

24 July 2020,

The tech within Canberra's economic and fiscal update

Funding for the Consumer Data Right, no comment on robo-debt, and a bit of funding for cyber.

23 July 2020,

Jaguar and Cambridge University unveil new touchless touchscreen for pandemic life

Engineers from the University of Cambridge and Jaguar Land Rover have developed a novel “no touch” touchscreen that uses AI to predict where a user is aiming before they make contact with a screen. The touchless touchscreen was developed for use in automobiles.

23 July 2020,

UK and Australia Launch a Joint-Privacy Investigation into Clearview AI

The U.K. and Australian information commissioners have announced a joint probe into the controversial “data scraping” practices of facial recognition company Clearview Al. This system scrapes social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for images of people’s faces.

23 July 2020,

Facebook built a powerful AI model to simulate entire social media networks in action

When it comes to live-fire high-wire acts in the tech industry, there can be few endeavors more daunting than executing a security update to a software platform hosting more than 2.6 billion users. But that’s exactly what Facebook does every time it rolls out an update.

23 July 2020,

Researchers’ AI system infers music from silent videos of musicians

Researchers at MIT and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab developed a system -- Foley Music -- that infers music from videos of silent musicians playing instruments.

23 July 2020,

Climate risk is here to stay: Emerging solutions help your business adapt

Climate change poses significant risks to business operations, infrastructure, supply chain, and more. Forrester evaluated new technology in the market that can help companies understand the impact of climate change on their business.

23 July 2020,

Google claims its AI system can grade prostate cancer samples with 72% accuracy

In a peer-reviewed study, Google reseachers claim to have developed an AI system that grades prostate tumor severity with 72% accuracy.

23 July 2020,

The AI Uprising

Learn more about how AI can become sentient and reign over us.

23 July 2020,

Amazon makes Contact Lens generally available

Amazon launched Contact Lens, its AI- and machine learning-powered contact center solution, in general availability.

23 July 2020,

Uber Powered AI Enforces Mask Rule

The Coronavirus outbreak has been brutal on the travel industry. Uber has devised a plan using AI that can help it return.

23 July 2020,

Enterprise 2025: Why autonomy is the future of business

Regardless of what industry you're in, more important than current market share and products, is the ability to pivot and change.

23 July 2020,

Riiid raises $41.8 million to expand its AI test prep apps

South Korean startup Riiid has raised $41.8 million to further develop its AI test prep technology. To date, the company has raised over $70 million.

23 July 2020,

Deep learning is being used to predict critical COVID-19 cases

Researchers from Tencent, along with other Chinese scientists, are using deep learning to predict critical COVID-19 cases.

Elon Musk claims world's first fully self-driving car will be ready this year

'I'm very confident about full self-driving functionality being complete by the end of this year,' he says. 'It's because I'm literally driving it'

23 July 2020,

Pandora doubles down on voice with interactive ads expansion and on-demand song search

Pandora is launching its interactive voice-based advertising in beta, opening to more listeners and advertisers with new features thrown into the mix.

23 July 2020,

CyCognito raises $30 million for a bot network that probes potential attack vectors

CyCognito, a company developing bot network technology to probe potential cyberattack vectors, has raised $30 in venture capital.

23 July 2020,

Safehub taps building-mounted motion sensors and AI to detect earthquakes

Safehub, a startup developing an earthquake prediction platform, has raised $5 million in seed funding to expand its customer base.

23 July 2020,

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