Redirect military budgets to tackle climate change and pandemics

Governments should stop spending billions of dollars on weapons and protect citizens from the real threats they face.

20 August 2020,

Machine learning, meet human emotions: How to help a computer monitor your mental state

Researchers from Skoltech, INRIA and the RIKEN Advanced Intelligence Project have considered several state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for the challenging tasks of determining the mental workload and affective states of a human brain. Their software can help design smarter brain-computer interfaces for applications in medicine and beyond.

19 August 2020,

The AI version of the Weeknd and I are now BFFs — deal with it

Spotify has created an AI-powered microsite that lets you hear the Weeknd's thoughts on your listening habits. I checked it out.

19 August 2020,

AI automatic tuning delivers step forward in quantum computing

Researchers at Oxford University, in collaboration with DeepMind, University of Basel and Lancaster University, have created a machine learning algorithm that interfaces with a quantum device and 'tunes' it faster than human experts, without any human input.

19 August 2020,

The White House is set to boost AI funding by 30 percent

A budget proposal from the White House would boost funding for AI by around 30 percent as the US aims to retain its technological supremacy.

An introduction to one-shot learning

Passport checks at airports and border gates present a special challenge: How do you tell if the person standing in front of you is the same person whose picture is in the passport? Border and customs officers solve this problem using the complex mec

19 August 2020,

Rewriting the rules of machine-generated art

Horses don't normally wear hats, and deep generative models, or GANs, don't normally follow rules laid out by human programmers. But a new tool developed at MIT lets anyone go into a GAN and tell the model, like a coder, to put hats on the heads of the horses it draws.

19 August 2020,

Aristotle and the chatbot: How ancient rules of logic could make artificial intelligence more human

Many attempts to develop artificial intelligence are powered by powerful systems of mathematical logic. They tend to produce results that make logical sense to a computer program—but the result is not very human.

19 August 2020,

With Galaxy Note 20, Samsung reaches beyond the screen

Putting digital pen to screen defines the Note, but Samsung has included new wireless connection methods that could be particularly useful in the age of COVID-19.

19 August 2020,

Researchers ask AI to explain itself

It's a question that many of us encounter in childhood: "Why did you do that?" As artificial intelligence (AI) begins making more consequential decisions that affect our lives, we also want these machines to be capable of answering that simple yet profound question.

19 August 2020,

Vroom vroom: AI reveals F1’s fastest drivers of the past 40 years

F1 and AWS have used an algorithm to rank the fastest drivers of all time, but not everyone is convinced by the system's calculations.

19 August 2020,

Fintech just made a big leap forward in this tiny country: Here's why

Innovations in digital payments is helping Balkan state Croatia develop its fintech industry.

19 August 2020,

UK government takes the next step in bringing self-driving cars to motorways

A new consultation aims to explore how autonomous technology can be used safely on UK roads.

19 August 2020,

Skewed Grading Algorithms Fuel Backlash Beyond the Classroom

Thousands protest in the UK after a formula replaced a test that influences college placement. It's led to broader scrutiny of automation and inequality.

19 August 2020,

NSW seeking approval to put GPS repeaters in Sydney tunnels

Current Australian laws ban the retransmission of satellite signals used in navigation.

19 August 2020,

Is Anthos the edge Google needs in enterprise cloud?

In 3rd place in the cloud wars for years, the emergence of Google's Anthos last year was a welcome move that makes a versatile multicloud future for businesses not just a possibility, but a practical option today. But is this what Google needs to tru

19 August 2020,

Facebook forcing Oculus users to have an account on its platform

Oculus mandates Facebook account for VR log in from beginning of October.

19 August 2020,

A New Software Tool - Fawkes - Cloaks Your Images to Trick Facial Recognition Algorithms

A new tool to protect yourself against facial recognition software designed by University of Chicago researchers The rapid rise of facial recognition systems has placed the technology into many facets of our daily lives, whether we know it or not. Wh

18 August 2020,

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