Elon Musk unveils pig with chip in its brain

Gertrude the pig is a prototype of a brain-to-machine interface.

29 August 2020, bbc.com

How can AI-powered humanitarian engineering tackle the biggest threats facing our planet?

Humanitarian engineering programs bring together engineers, policy makers, non-profit organisations, and local communities to leverage technology for the greater good of humanity.

How to watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink demo at 6PM ET / 3PM PT

Today at 6PM ET, Elon Musk’s company Neuralink will demonstrate what may be one of the first "ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers."

28 August 2020, theverge.com

Google says it’s going to sell ethics advice to AI companies

Google‘s working on a service that would provide ethics consulting for companies building AI solutions. According to a report from Wired, the company is considering launching this ethics consultancy service by the end of the year. Reporter Tom Simoni

28 August 2020, thenextweb.com

Oura ring: Improved accuracy of wearables promises better healthcare for all

The Oura ring's high accuracy in monitoring a person's biomedical signals might enable a prediction of a COVID-19 infection two to three days before symptoms appear.

28 August 2020, zdnet.com

New algorithm can identify misogyny on Twitter

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia have developed an algorithm that detects tweets abusing women.

28 August 2020, thenextweb.com

This AI tool shows which politicians and issues are getting the most TV time

Stanford University researchers have created an AI-powered TV analyzer that shows you how much screen time different public figures and issues are getting.

28 August 2020, thenextweb.com

Interactive tool uses AI to search transcripts and calculate the screen time of public figures

Cable TV news is a primary source of information for millions of Americans each day. The people that appear on cable TV news and the topics they talk about shape public opinion and culture. While many newsrooms and monitoring organizations routinely audit the content of news broadcasts, these efforts typically involve manually counting who and what is on the air.

28 August 2020, techxplore.com

Algorithm could quash Twitter abuse of women

Online abuse targeting women, including threats of harm or sexual violence, has proliferated across all social media platforms but QUT researchers have developed a statistical model to help drum it out of the Twittersphere.

28 August 2020, techxplore.com

AI Jesus will help you embrace the apocalypse

The AI spat out some baffling new verses after studying the King James Bible.

28 August 2020, thenextweb.com

Opinion | The Brain Implants That Could Change Humanity

Brains are talking to computers, and computers to brains. Are our daydreams safe?

28 August 2020, nytimes.com

Opinion | The Brain Implants That Could Change Humanity

Brains are talking to computers, and computers to brains. Are our daydreams safe?

28 August 2020, nytimes.com

Google Offers to Help Others With the Tricky Ethics of AI

After learning its own ethics lessons the hard way, the tech giant will offer services like spotting racial bias or developing guidelines around AI projects.

28 August 2020, wired.com

ASX-listed DigitalX reports another blockchain-based loss for FY20

During the year, the company ran some brainstorming sessions with customers, responded to tenders, and put some work into its xbullion project.

28 August 2020, zdnet.com

QUT develops algorithm aiming to block misogyny from Twitter

With people just not being awful failing to work, researchers are using machine learning to detect and block online abuse towards women on social media.

28 August 2020, zdnet.com

Elon Musk to show off working brain-hacking device

Neuralink is working on ways to connect the human brain to machines.

28 August 2020, bbc.com

Management of amelogenesis imperfecta in an adult patient: a short review and clinical report

The early detection and accurate histopathological diagnosis of gastric cancer are essential factors that can help increase the chances of successful treatment. Here, the authors report on a digital pathology tool achieving high performance on a real world test dataset and show that the system can aid pathologists in improving diagnostic accuracy.

28 August 2020, nature.com

AI removes unwanted objects from photos to give a clearer view

Photos can be spoiled if there is a distracting object in the foreground, but a new AI tool can digitally remove the obstructions to give a clearer view

28 August 2020, newscientist.com

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