Report: China’s Baidu is preparing a ChatGPT chatbot rival

Such a move could kick off a new technology arms race in the era of generative AI.

30 January 2023,

Building a New Type of Efficient Artificial Intelligence Inspired by the Brain

Although the brain’s architecture is very shallow, brain-inspired artificial neural networks' learning capabilities can outperform deep learning. Traditionally, artificial intelligence stems from human brain dynamics. However, brain learning is restr

30 January 2023,

A fairy-like robot flies by the power of wind and light

The loss of pollinators, such as bees, is a huge challenge for global biodiversity and affects humanity by causing problems in food production. Researchers have now developed the first passively flying robot equipped with artificial muscle. Could thi

30 January 2023,

Opinion | The Tyre Nichols Video: A Police Beating in Memphis

Reaction to the video of the Memphis police brutally beating a Black man. Also: The Turing test; scientific breakthroughs; big development projects.

29 January 2023,

Decades-Old Mystery Solved? Astronomers May Have Uncovered How Galaxies Change Their Shape

By using artificial intelligence, researchers have potentially solved a long-standing question about the evolution of galaxies, speeding up their research process. The researchers have potentially resolved a long-standing question about the evolution

28 January 2023,

Why has Alphabet hit the panic button? Only Google can answer that question | John Naughton

The economic downturn, US lawsuits and the fear of rising tech rivals could be reasons for the firm’s 'code red” alert, but it still has an AI ace up its sleeve

28 January 2023,

Opinion | How Will Chatbots Change Education?

Readers discuss how students are using artificial intelligence to write papers for them.

28 January 2023,

Opinion | A.I.: Actually Insipid Until It’s Actively Insidious

ChatGPT ain’t Shakespeare, but it’s still a threat to humanity.

28 January 2023,

OMG! What Will Happen When A.I. Makes BuzzFeed Quizzes?

The site announced plans to use tools from the creator of ChatGPT to create content. Former quiz writers aren’t surprised.

28 January 2023,

How AI can help reduce food waste

AI can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing food waste and by nudging consumers to eat more sustainable foods.

27 January 2023,

Anthropic, an A.I. Start-Up, Is Said to Be Close to Adding $300 Million

Anthropic specializes in generative artificial intelligence, a hot investment in Silicon Valley. The new funding could value the company at roughly $5 billion.

27 January 2023,

BuzzFeed shares surge 120% on plans to embrace OpenAI

BuzzFeed Inc. shares surged by a record on news that the digital-media company plans to use OpenAI to bolster some of its content creation.

27 January 2023,

Artificial intelligence in South Africa comes with special dilemmas—plus the usual risks

When people think about artificial intelligence (AI), they may have visions of the future. But AI is already here. At its base, it is the recreation of aspects of human intelligence in computerized form. Like human intelligence, it has wide application.

27 January 2023,

Philosophers have studied 'counterfactuals' for decades. Will they help us unlock the mysteries of AI?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being rolled out all around the world to help make decisions in our lives, whether it's loan decisions by banks, medical diagnoses, or US law enforcement predicting a criminal's likelihood of re-offending.

27 January 2023,

Risk management framework aims to improve trustworthiness of artificial intelligence

The U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released its Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework (AI RMF 1.0), a guidance document for voluntary use by organizations designing, developing, deploying or using AI systems to help manage the many risks of AI technologies.

27 January 2023,

Top AI startup news of the week: generative AI is blowing up

AI startup news around generative AI was everywhere this week, for everything from search and note-taking to protein design.

27 January 2023,

Top French university bans students from using ChatGPT

A top French university on Friday forbade students from using artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT to complete assignments, in the first such ban at a college in the country.

27 January 2023,

Zoom enters the conversational AI arena 

Zoom is getting into the conversational AI arena with the launch of Zoom Virtual Agent.

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