EasySend raises $16 million to automate repetitive business processes

EasySend, which makes tools to help automate repetitive business processes, has raised $16 million to grow its offering and team.

22 September 2020, venturebeat.com

DeepCube’s software-based solution accelerates AI on existing hardware

DeepCube, a startup developing a platform that accelerates AI models on existing hardware, raised $7 million for research and expansion.

22 September 2020, venturebeat.com

Aurora Labs raises $23 million to automatically detect bugs in car codebases

Aurora Labs, an analytics startup developing an AI-powered connected vehicle platform, has raised $23 million in venture capital.

22 September 2020, venturebeat.com

This is an AI, what's your emergency?

Complex emergencies are getting far too complex for human dispatchers to coordinate, so AI/ML is the new norm.

22 September 2020, zdnet.com

Here's how three Israeli tech companies are helping tackle COVID-19

Israel has a track record as a hub for startups and innovation – now it's using those resources to take on the coronavirus.

22 September 2020, zdnet.com

If we put computers in our brains, strange things might happen to our minds

Using a brain-computer interface can fundamentally change our grey matter, a view of ourselves and even how fast our brains can change the world.

22 September 2020, zdnet.com

To Clean Up Comments, Let AI Tell Users Their Words Are Trash

It won’t solve everything, but a new study suggests real-time automated feedback could help make the internet a less toxic place.

22 September 2020, wired.com

Kmart Australia uses AI and AR to bring KBot shopping experience in-home

The AR technology has been developed by Valis, while the AI platform is powered by the Oracle Digital Assistant platform.

22 September 2020, zdnet.com

A long-term battle: The tech industry's role in combatting climate change

At a time when it has become a crucial part of staying in business.

22 September 2020, zdnet.com

Foreign investment framework tweaks could hinder Australia's quantum future

ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems and quantum firm Q-CTRL say the Bill's changes could potentially cut off the industry at its knees by implementing an 'expensive and time-consuming review process' on low-risk early-stage companies.

22 September 2020, zdnet.com

AI camera can tell what surfaces feel like with just a glance

Artificially intelligent cameras are able to tell the physical properties of surfaces, such as texture or how well it conducts heat, based on a single image – but they can't tell whether something is sticky

22 September 2020, newscientist.com

New theory predicts movement of different animals using sensing to search

A research team has developed a new theory that can predict the movement of an animal's sensory organs -- such as eyes, ears and nose -- while searching for something vital to its life.

22 September 2020, sciencedaily.com

Engineers pre-train AI computers to make them even more powerful

Engineers have developed a new machine-learning method that paves the way for artificial intelligence to be used in applications that until now have been deemed too sensitive. The method, which has been tested by running simulations on a climate-control system for a 100-room building, is poised to deliver energy savings of around 20%.

22 September 2020, sciencedaily.com

Engineers use machine learning to speed bioscaffold development

A dose of artificial intelligence can speed the development of 3-D-printed bioscaffolds that help injuries heal, according to researchers at Rice University.

21 September 2020, techxplore.com

A computer predicts your thoughts, creating images based on them

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have developed a technique in which a computer models visual perception by monitoring human brain signals. In a way, it is as if the computer tries to imagine what a human is thinking about. As a result of this imagining, the computer is able to produce entirely new information, such as fictional images that were never before seen.

21 September 2020, techxplore.com

Healthcare, minerals, energy, food: how adopting new tech could drive Australia's economic recovery

Digitising healthcare and exporting more sustainable protein alternatives are just some ideas that could help Australia's economy return to form.

21 September 2020, theconversation.com

AI devs created a lean, mean, GPT-3-beating machine that uses 99.9% fewer parameters

AI researchers from the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich have developed a bite-sized text generator capable of besting OpenAI‘s state of the art GPT-3 using only a tiny fraction of its parameters. GPT-3 is a monster of an AI system capabl

21 September 2020, thenextweb.com

Plug n’ Play in Brain Prothesis

A recent breakthrough in brain-controlled prosthetics could give paralysed individuals the ability to regulate computer cursors and potentially limbs in the future.

21 September 2020, aidaily.co.uk

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