Skydio gains FAA approval to conduct bridge inspections with drones in North Carolina

Skydio and the North Carolina Department of Transportation have gained FAA approval to conduct bridge inspections with drones in North Carolina.

05 October 2020,

GTC 2020: Nvidia doubles-down on its UK AI investments

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, has kicked off the company’s annual GTC conference with a series of AI announcements—including a doubling-down of its UK investments.

Brazil advances in digital competitiveness ranking

Progress has been made progress in areas such as research and development productivity but the availability of skills is still an issue.

05 October 2020,

Why AI can't ever reach its full potential without a physical body

How could a software box have a subjective viewpoint of, and in, the physical world that humans inhabit?

05 October 2020,

Do explanations for data-based predictions actually increase users' trust in AI?

In recent years, many artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics researchers have been trying to develop systems that can provide explanations for their actions or predictions. The idea behind their work is that as AI systems become more widespread, explaining why they act in particular ways or why they made certain predictions could increase transparency and consequently users' trust in them.

05 October 2020,

Nvidia spans AI from $59 Jetson Nano robots to massive datacenters on a chip

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced products ranging from a $59 Jetson Nano robot brain to massive data processing units for the enterprise.

05 October 2020,

Nvida claims Cambridge-1 is the U.K.’s fastest supercomputer

During its annual GTC conference, Nvidia unveiled a number of health care innovations, including a supercomputer dubbed Cambridge-1.

05 October 2020,

Nvidia unveils Maxine, a managed cloud AI videoconferencing service

Nvidia's new service for videoconferencing providers -- Maxine -- leverages the cloud to enable new visual effects and reduce bandwidth usage.

05 October 2020,

Nvidia announces open beta for Omniverse as a ‘metaverse’ for engineers

Nvidia has launched an open beta for its Omniverse, a virtual environment the company describes as a "metaverse" for engineers. 

05 October 2020,

Nvidia unveils Jetson Nano 2GB for students and robot hobbyists

The $59 kit comes with online training and certification.

05 October 2020,

Tesla Model 3's driver-facing camera 'does more than just monitor passengers'

Reports suggest the Model 3's rear-view mirror camera is configured to capture a driver's gaze before an accident.

05 October 2020,

Neuromorphic computing could solve the tech industry's looming crisis

Brain-based computing could help tech companies overcome the current constraints of chip design.

05 October 2020,

Quantum computing: Photon startup lights up the future of computers and cryptography

UK startup Nu Quantum is breaking new ground in the quantum photonics space.

05 October 2020,

Fast and comprehensive N- and O-glycoproteomics analysis with MSFragger-Glyco

MSFragger-Glyco allows identification of N- and O-linked glycopeptides using the localization-aware open search strategy of the MSFragger search engine.

05 October 2020,

Deep learning for the design of photonic structures

The application of deep learning to the design of photonic structures and devices is reviewed, including algorithm fundamentals.

05 October 2020,

Frequency-dependent circuits anchored in the dorsal and ventral left anterior insula

Can traditional computational analysis and machine learning help compensate for inadequate peer review of drug-repurposing papers in the context of an infodemic?

05 October 2020,

Dust dominates high-altitude snow darkening and melt over high-mountain Asia

Dust deposition in high-mountain Asia lowers snow albedo and hastens melt. Satellite data and models show that dust arrives via transport in elevated aerosol layers and outweighs black carbon impacts at high altitudes, suggesting a growing importance of dust on snowmelt as snowlines rise with warming.

05 October 2020,

Many Top AI Researchers Get Financial Backing From Big Tech

A study finds that 58 percent of faculty at four prominent universities have received grants, fellowships, or other financial support from 14 tech firms.

04 October 2020,

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