Facebook AI can translate directly between any of 100 languages

Facebook has developed an AI that can translate directly between any pair of 100 languages without having to go through an English translation first, as many existing systems do

19 October 2020, newscientist.com

Material found in house paint may spur technology revolution

The development of a new method to make non-volatile computer memory may have unlocked a problem that has been holding back machine learning and has the potential to revolutionize technologies like voice recognition, image processing and autonomous driving.

19 October 2020, sciencedaily.com

Hey Google ... what movie should I watch today? How AI can affect our decisions

Leading tech companies are increasingly using AI to influence our behaviour. But how persuasive do we find virtual assistants?

18 October 2020, theconversation.com

Give These Apps Some Notes and They'll Write Emails for You

Entrepreneurs are building tools that create emails or marketing copy using GPT-3, text-generation technology released earlier this year.

18 October 2020, wired.com

AI Weekly: U.S. lawmakers decry the chilling effect of federal surveillance at protests

Members of Congress sent a letter to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board asking the agency to investigate federal surveillance at protests.

16 October 2020, venturebeat.com

What is an algorithm? How computers know what to do with data

The world of computing is full of buzzwords: AI, supercomputers, machine learning, the cloud, quantum computing and more. One word in particular is used throughout computing—algorithm.

16 October 2020, techxplore.com

A virtual reality game that integrates tactile experiences using biometric feedback

Over the past few decades, technological advances have enabled the development of increasingly sophisticated, immersive and realistic video games. One of the most noteworthy among these advances is virtual reality (VR), which allows users to experience games or other simulated environments as if they were actually navigating them, via the use of electronic wearable devices.

16 October 2020, techxplore.com

Designing approximate computation to save energy

If you think about computation, the words correctness, speed and precision probably come to mind. But the researchers of the OPRECOMP project beg to differ. They aim for developing a radically different, more flexible type of calculation called transprecision computing.

16 October 2020, techxplore.com

Inspection drones buzz this airport (and the FAA is cool with it)

A novel pilot program encourages drones at a busy international airport, albeit under strict scrutiny.

16 October 2020, zdnet.com

Foursquare’s Marsbot for AirPods offers location-aware audio tips

The location-aware social sharing platform believes the next frontier for AI assistants will be proactively sharing context-specific audio via headphones.

16 October 2020, venturebeat.com

What is an algorithm? How computers know what to do with data

A close look at how you decide what clothes to put on in the morning can help you understand how computers work.

16 October 2020, theconversation.com

A 10-day race to develop three germ-blasting robots

The pandemic has been a drain in many ways, but it's also spurred a frenzy of development.

16 October 2020, zdnet.com

Queensland council trialling smart lights to help confused turtle hatchlings

Livingstone Shire Council is using remote dimming in an effort to ensure hatchlings reach the sea, and stay there.

16 October 2020, zdnet.com

NSW National Parks and Wildlife deploy drones in post-bushfire recovery

Meanwhile, construction firm Hansen Yuncken has been using the technology to improve quality assurance and safety.

16 October 2020, zdnet.com

Left ventricular remodeling and dysfunction in primary aldosteronism

As the US general election looms, feelings are more than mixed about science policy for biomedical and medical research under US President Donald Trump’s administration.

16 October 2020, nature.com

You can now hum into Google Search and it will find the song

Just one of the artificial intelligence-powered updates to Search that Google has unveiled at SearchOn this week.

15 October 2020, zdnet.com

Google details how it’s using AI and machine learning to improve search

During a livestreamed event today, Google announced new ways it's applying AI and machine learning to improve the Google Search experience. 

15 October 2020, venturebeat.com

Researchers detail LaND, AI that learns from autonomous vehicle disengagements

LaND is a navigation system that learns from disengagements to help delivery robots successfully travel longer distances.

15 October 2020, venturebeat.com

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