‘A box of light’: AI inspired by British verse attempts to write poetry

After processing more than half a million lines by human poets, experts say it is the best attempt yet to produce computer-generated poetry

20 March 2021, theguardian.com

AI developers often ignore safety in the pursuit of a breakthrough – so how do we regulate them without blocking progress?

Using a simulation, we found scenarios where AI regulations could be most effective.

18 March 2021, theconversation.com

System detects errors when medication is self-administered

Researchers have developed a system that uses wireless radio signals and artificial intelligence to detect errors in patients' use of inhalers and insulin pens. The technology could reduce unnecessary hospital admissions caused by poor adherence to certain medication administration guidelines.

18 March 2021, sciencedaily.com

Artificial neuron device could shrink energy use and size of neural network hardware

Neural network training could one day require less computing power and hardware, thanks to a new nanodevice that can run neural network computations using 100 to 1000 times less energy and area than existing CMOS-based hardware.

18 March 2021, sciencedaily.com

Nanotech scientists create world's smallest origami bird

Researchers have created micron-sized shape memory actuators that enable atomically thin two-dimensional materials to fold themselves into 3D configurations. All they require is a quick jolt of voltage. And once the material is bent, it holds its shape - even after the voltage is removed.

17 March 2021, sciencedaily.com

Artificial intelligence and algorithmic irresponsibility: the devil in the machine?

While AI is intended to help us, it tempts us to abandon judgment and moral responsibility. And without a proper understanding of how it works, we cannot circumvent its negative effects.

16 March 2021, theconversation.com

Researchers enhance quantum machine learning algorithms

Researchers found a way to automatically infer parameters used in an important quantum Boltzmann machine algorithm for machine learning applications.

16 March 2021, sciencedaily.com

Shape-shifting robots in the wild: the DyRET robot can rearrange its body to walk in new environments

This robot can learn how to traverse unforeseen terrain by changing the length of its legs.

15 March 2021, theconversation.com

Google’s AI advertising revolution: More privacy, but problems remain

Google is using artificial intelligence to collect and process user data in a way that produces more nuanced and detailed information about our activities but addresses privacy concerns.

15 March 2021, theconversation.com

Job-hunting is stressful and humiliating enough. Now robots judge our resumes | Jessa Crispin

Algorithms decide which applications reach human managers’ eyes. But they sort out people with unusual work histories or who lack college degrees

15 March 2021, theguardian.com

Engineers combine AI and wearable cameras in self-walking robotic exoskeletons

Robotics researchers are developing exoskeletons and prosthetic legs capable of thinking and moving on their own using sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

15 March 2021, sciencedaily.com

UK still using racially biased passport tool despite available update

The UK government has failed to deploy an updated version of a face analysis algorithm used for checking passport pictures, despite knowing it works poorly for people with very light and very dark skin

15 March 2021, newscientist.com

Google might ask questions about AI ethics, but it doesn't want answers | John Naughton

The departure of two members of the tech firm’s ethical artificial intelligence team exposes the conflict at the heart of its business model

13 March 2021, theguardian.com

AI and you: how confusion about the technology that runs our world threatens democracy

It would be naïve to think that the rise of science and technology hasn’t made it more difficult to understand the problems we face as citizens

12 March 2021, theconversation.com

AI reveals 1,000 'dark discharges' of untreated sewage in England

Paper says machine learning could prove crucial tool in efforts to improve quality of country’s rivers

12 March 2021, theguardian.com

Move over, Deep Nostalgia, this AI app can make Kim Jong-un sing I Will Survive

Wombo AI can animate any face to sing songs in a way that is unbelievable enough to help the fight against deepfakes, say some experts

12 March 2021, theguardian.com

How do you make a convincing deepfake video? – podcast

Alex Hern finds out about the latest in deepfakes, and hears from the man behind the recent AI-generated Tom Cruise TikTok videos

11 March 2021, theguardian.com

How to make all headphones intelligent

How do you turn 'dumb' headphones into smart ones? Engineers have invented a cheap and easy way by transforming headphones into sensors that can be plugged into smartphones, identify their users, monitor their heart rates and perform other services. Their invention, called HeadFi, is based on a small plug-in headphone adapter that turns a regular headphone into a sensing device.

11 March 2021, sciencedaily.com

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