Saber que no somos únicos nos hace únicos

Casi todo lo que creíamos que era exclusivo de la humanidad en verdad lo compartimos con muchos otros seres vivos. Debemos crear un nuevo sentido de singularidad, un sentido que puedan heredar las inteligencias artificiales y las nuevas generaciones humanas.

25 April 2021,

AI Helps Prove Two Scribes Wrote Text of a Dead Sea Scroll

Most scholars thought the Isaiah Scroll was copied by a single author. New handwriting analysis just revealed otherwise.

24 April 2021,

Sony patents an AI to assist in games like a good player two

Many of us are guilty of giving up on a game because of a long grind or seemingly insurmountable challenge, but Sony’s latest patent shows the company wants to change that.

How AI Falsifies Satellite Images: A Growing Problem of “Deepfake Geography”

A fire in Central Park seems to appear as a smoke plume and a line of flames in a satellite image. Colorful lights on Diwali night in India, seen from space, seem to show widespread fireworks activity. Both images exemplify what a new University of Washington-led study calls “location spoofing.

23 April 2021,

Technology Could Turn You Into a Tiffany

Augmented reality, 3-D printing and other advances are changing the jewelry business. Soon, they might help you become your own designer.

23 April 2021,

Now for AI’s Latest Trick: Writing Computer Code

Programs such as GPT-3 can compose convincing text. Some people are using the tool to automate software development and hunt for bugs.

23 April 2021,

AI face analysis can tell if cows and pigs are excited or stressed

An animal welfare system uses AI to determine if farm animals are experiencing any of nine emotional states, such as stress, aggression or relaxation

23 April 2021,

Why Europe Is Hard on Big Tech

It may be a choice to make rules for technology too early rather than too late.

22 April 2021,

MIT researchers develop AI to calculate material stress using images

Researchers from MIT have developed an AI tool for determining the stress a material is under through analysing images.

Combining Light & Superconductors Could Boost Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Optoelectronic integration at low temperatures using superconductors may be easier than at room temperatures using semiconductors. As artificial intelligence has attracted broad interest, researchers are focused on understanding how the brain accompl

21 April 2021,

Dead Sea Scrolls: two scribes probably wrote one of the manuscripts

The researchers used machine learning to study the 2,000-year-old document.

21 April 2021,

Study explores inner life of AI with robot that ‘thinks’ out loud

Italian researchers enabled Pepper robot to explain its decision-making processes

21 April 2021,

Europe's Proposed Limits on AI Would Have Global Consequences

The EU released draft laws that would regulate facial recognition and uses of algorithms. If it passes, the policy will impact companies in the US and China.

21 April 2021,

EU is cracking down on AI, but leaves a loophole for mass surveillance

The strong new laws will ban AI applications believed to violate EU citizens' fundamental rights.

21 April 2021,

Europe Proposes Strict Rules for Artificial Intelligence

The regulations would have far-reaching implications for tech firms like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, which have poured resources into developing the technology.

21 April 2021,

Pepper the robot talks to itself to improve its interactions with people

Ever wondered why your virtual home assistant doesn't understand your questions? Or why your navigation app took you on the side street instead of the highway? Researchers have now designed a robot that 'thinks out loud' so that users can hear its thought process and better understand the robot's motivations and decisions.

21 April 2021,

Mechanical engineers develop new high-performance artificial muscle technology

Researchers have developed a new, high-performance artificial muscle technology. The new technology enables more human-like motion due to its flexibility and adaptability, but outperforms human skeletal muscle in several metrics.

21 April 2021,

AI analysis shows two scribes wrote one of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The handwriting style is consistent throughout the Great Isaiah Scroll, a 2200-year-old document found near the Dead Sea – but AI analysis of the text confirms it was actually written by two scribes

21 April 2021,

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