AI can predict the effectiveness of breast cancer chemotherapy

Engineers have developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology to predict if women with breast cancer would benefit from chemotherapy prior to surgery.

07 February 2023,

Google and Microsoft prepare dueling generative AI debuts

Google and Microsoft, in separate surprise announcements, confirmed they plan to offer dueling generative AI debuts over the next two days.

06 February 2023,

You can’t find state-of-the-art suppliers alone

How leveraging AI and ML in supplier management can help ensure risk remediation, data reliability, efficiency and predictive modeling.

06 February 2023,

Racing to Catch Up With ChatGPT, Google Plans Release of Its Own Chatbot

The internet giant said it would begin testing its new chatbot, Bard, with a small, private group before releasing it to the public in the coming weeks.

06 February 2023,

Google to release ChatGPT rival named Bard

Google said Monday it will release a conversational chatbot named Bard, setting up an artificial intelligence showdown with Microsoft which has invested billions in the creators of ChatGPT, the hugely popular language app that convincingly mimics human writing.

06 February 2023,

Google trials its own AI chatbot Bard after success of ChatGPT

Technology will be added to Google’s search engine after explosion in use of rival backed by Microsoft

06 February 2023,

Towards an interactive cyber-physical human platform to generate contact-rich whole-body motions

Humans naturally perform numerous complex tasks. These include sitting down, picking something up from a table, and pushing a cart. These activities involve various movements and require multiple contacts, which makes it difficult to program robots to perform them.

06 February 2023,

How AI points the way to a new gold standard for big data analytics

By running data analytics on dedicated processors the way AI workloads now run on GPUs we can crack open Big Data for a new level of insights

06 February 2023,

AI-generated Seinfeld parody banned on Twitch over transphobic standup bit

Nothing, Forever, a 24/7 show based on popular sitcom, will be offline for 14 days as makers blame technical glitch

06 February 2023,

GitHub CEO: The EU ‘will define how the world regulates AI’

GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke addressed the EU Open Source Policy Summit in Brussels and gave his views on the bloc’s upcoming AI Act. 

Your jailbroken ChatGPT might violate OpenAI’s safety guidelines when role-playing as ‘DAN’

Reddit users are digging furiously for ways to convince the ubiquitous chatbot to openly endorse violence and racism.

06 February 2023,

Exploring GPT-3's 'artificial intelligence' from a psychologist's point of view

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen have examined the general intelligence of the language model GPT-3, a powerful AI tool. Using psychological tests, they studied competencies such as causal reasoning and deliberation, and compared the results with the abilities of humans.

06 February 2023,

OpenAI says ChatGPT must be regulated. Meanwhile, get ready for AI audits | The AI Beat

AI regulation is coming, and quickly, Those laws will often require AI audits, so companies need to get ready.

06 February 2023,

ChatGPT is great. You're just using it incorrectly

It doesn't take much to get ChatGPT to make a factual mistake. My son is doing a report on U.S. presidents, so I figured I'd help him out by looking up a few biographies. I tried asking for a list of books about Abraham Lincoln and it did a pretty go

06 February 2023,

‘We’re going through a big revolution’: how AI is de-ageing stars on screen

Stars like Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford are being rendered younger digitally but voices in the industry express concern about where we might be heading

06 February 2023,

A model that could improve robots' ability to grasp objects

When completing missions and tasks in the real-world, robots should ideally be able to effectively grasp objects of various shapes and compositions. So far, however, most robots can only grasp specific types of objects.

06 February 2023,

Seven Surprises

After a four-month book leave, I’m looking at what changed during that time.

06 February 2023,

ChatGPT bot channels history to pen State of Union speech

If you've heard it once in a president's State of the Union speech, you've heard it 100 times: There is nothing the American people can't do when they pull together.

06 February 2023,

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