Opinion | Why Trump Still Has Millions of Americans in His Grip

Many of the forces that helped bring him to power have only intensified.

05 May 2021, nytimes.com

It Began as an AI-Fueled Dungeon Game. It Got Much Darker

The game touted its use of the GPT-3 text generator. Then the algorithm started to generate disturbing stories, including sex scenes involving children.

05 May 2021, wired.com

Zammo unfurls conversational AI integration service

Zammo.ai launched a platform for integrating a diverse range of conversational AI technologies across a workflow.

04 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Microsoft open-sources Counterfit, an AI security risk assessment tool

Microsoft's Counterfit toolkit aims to enable security teams to more easily test the robustness of AI systems both in and prior to production.

04 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Third-party ransomware risk is real, but Black Kite’s latest tool can help

Black Kite's Ransomware Susceptibility Index calculates the probability of a third-party provider being hit by ransomware within 12 months.

04 May 2021, venturebeat.com

HoneyBook boosts contractor payment, booking, invoicing with $155M

HoneyBook, which offers a financial and business management service for freelancers and solopreneurs, raised $155 million.

04 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Datanomix raises $6M to monitor factory operations

Datanomix, which offers a manufacturing operations monitoring platform, has raised $6 million in equity funding.

04 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Data backup company Acronis secures $250M to expand datacenter footprint

Acronis has closed a $250M funding round at a valuation significantly higher than its previous post-money amount.

04 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Market intelligence platform Crayon raises $22M

Crayon, an AI-powered market intelligence platform, has raised $22 million, bringing its total raised to $38 million.

04 May 2021, venturebeat.com

JupiterOne nabs $30M to help companies manage cybersecurity data

Cybersecurity management automation startup JupiterOne has raised $30 million in a venture capital equity round.

04 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Apple hires ex-Google AI scientist who resigned after researcher firings

AI scientist Samy Bengio, who resigned from Google after the firings of Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell, has joined Apple.

03 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Artificial Intelligence Helps Crack the Code of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered some seventy years ago, are famous for containing the oldest manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and many hitherto unknown ancient Jewish texts. But the individual people behind the scrolls have eluded scientists, because the scribes are anonymous.

03 May 2021, scitechdaily.com

Researchers Warn: AI Algorithms Can Influence People’s Voting and Dating Decisions

Researchers highlight need for public education on impact of algorithms. In a new series of experiments, artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms were able to influence people's preferences for fictitious political candidates or potential romantic p

01 May 2021, scitechdaily.com

The Robot Surgeon Will See You Now

Real scalpels, artificial intelligence — what could go wrong?

30 April 2021, nytimes.com

Research: Enterprises and consumers want to increase AI adoption

New research from Juniper Networks has found a growing appetite from both enterprises and consumers to use AI technologies.

New Brain-Like Computing Device With Electrochemical “Synaptic Transistors” Simulates Human Learning

Like Pavlov's dog, device can be conditioned to learn by association. Researchers have developed a brain-like computing device that is capable of learning by association. Similar to how famed physiologist Ivan Pavlov conditioned dogs to associate a b

30 April 2021, scitechdaily.com

Amazon’s AI Guru Is So Totally Over the Turing Test

Plus: Robot reporters, Apple’s post-Jobs essence, and an Unhappy Gilmore TikTok.

30 April 2021, wired.com

Artificial Intelligence Model Predicts Which Immune System Key Opens the Locks of Coronavirus

With an artificial intelligence (AI) method developed by researchers at Aalto University and University of Helsinki, researchers can now link immune cells to their targets and for example uncouple which white blood cells recognize SARS-CoV-2. The dev

30 April 2021, scitechdaily.com

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