Adapdix adds adaptive AI tool EdgeOps DataMesh for process optimization

Adapdix’s EdgeOps DataMesh puts AI on the factory floor. Semiconductor manufactuers are both backers and customers.

20 May 2021,

Doctors fear Google skin check app will lead to ‘tsunami of overdiagnosis’

There are nearly 10bn Google searches for skin, nail and hair issues each year, prompting the tech giant to create a ‘dermatology assist tool’

20 May 2021,

Twitter finds racial bias in image-cropping AI

Months after users raised concerns, Twitter drops its algorithm for cropping photos over bias worries.

20 May 2021,

Using a virtual linkage representation algorithm to improve functionally of a robot hand

A team of researchers at Yale University has developed a new kind of algorithm to improve the functionally of a robot hand. In their paper published in the journal Science Robotics, the group describes their algorithm and then demonstrate, via videos, how it can be used.

20 May 2021,

Hi Auto brings conversational AI to drive-thrus using Intel technology

Hi Auto is increasing the efficiency of drive-thrus with a conversational AI system powered by Intel technologies.

Roambee adds AI analytics to supply chain tracking with Arnekt deal

Better supply-chain tracking is a driver for Roambee's buy of ML analytics house Arnekt. COVID-19 vaccine tracking is one prominent use case.

20 May 2021,

Despite challenges, Salesforce says chatbot adoption is accelerating

Salesforce chatbot expert Greg Bennett sees a pathway to widespread adoption of chatbots, once challenges are addressed.

20 May 2021,

Improving the way videos are organized

At any given moment, many thousands of new videos are being posted to sites like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. An increasing number of those videos are being recorded and streamed live. But tech and media companies still struggle to understand what's going in all that content.

20 May 2021,

Proposed method for evaluating user trust in artificial intelligence systems

Every time you speak to a virtual assistant on your smartphone, you are talking to an artificial intelligence—an AI that can, for example, learn your taste in music and make song recommendations that improve based on your interactions. However, AI also assists us with more risk-fraught activities, such as helping doctors diagnose cancer.

20 May 2021,

Helping robots learn what they can and can't do in new situations

The models that robots use to do tasks work well in the structured environment of the laboratory. Outside the lab, however, even the most sophisticated models may prove inadequate in new situations or in difficult to model tasks, such as working with soft materials like rope and cloth.

20 May 2021,

Open source: Mars explorer developer teams with drone company on open architecture

The future of drones is open source, and the global race for supremacy has American companies sticking together.

20 May 2021,

The role for drones in Biden’s infrastructure plan

A fascinating take on an overlooked step in any infrastructure overhaul: Inspecting millions of miles of crumbling concrete.

20 May 2021,

These Ex-Journalists Are Using AI to Catch Online Defamation

CaliberAI wants to help overstretched newsrooms with a tool that’s like spell-check for libel. But its potential uses go far beyond traditional media.

20 May 2021,

Victorian 2021 Budget places over AU$40m in tech upgrades for mental health and hospitals

Of the billions invested into mental health, AU$2.5 million will be used to design a contemporary mental health and wellbeing information and communications technology system.

20 May 2021,

New Zealand Budget dishes out millions to tech initiatives for COVID-19 bounce-back

Winners in this year's Budget include small businesses, who will receive NZ$44 million via a digital skills program that will provide training for up to 60,000 small businesses.

20 May 2021,

Queensland approves new small rocket launch site at Abbot Point

Gilmour Space Technologies will build a small rocket launch pad to send low-Earth Orbit satellites into space.

20 May 2021,

An AI has disproved five mathematical conjectures with no human help

An artificial intelligence has disproved five mathematical conjectures, despite not being equipped with any information about the problems

20 May 2021,

Google aims to use AI to help recognize common skin conditions

Provided the many uses of AI for healthcare—from breast cancer diagnosis to better detecting tuberculosis—Google plans to use artificial intelligence to help users learn more about common skin conditions. When combined with technology such as smartphones, this kind of medical knowledge can really improve the way individuals understand their own health.

19 May 2021,

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