DTA says it will get COVIDSafe running costs down to AU$60,000 a month by July

As the cost to build and operate COVIDSafe approaches AU$8 million, DTA believes it can get running costs down to AU$60,000 a month, and has picked up 567 close contacts not found by manual contact tracing.

24 May 2021, zdnet.com

Brazil announces digital currency guidelines

The plans to launch a digital real are part of the central bank's modernization agenda for the country's payments industry

24 May 2021, zdnet.com

The Rise… and Fall of Bitcoin? (Again)

Is this the end of the crypto bull run or is there more to come?

24 May 2021, aidaily.co.uk

Amazon will continue to ban police from using its facial recognition AI

Amazon will extend a ban it enacted last year on the use of its facial recognition for law enforcement purposes.

Games, computing, and the mind: How search algorithms reflect game playing

Humans benefit from playing games more than some might realize. Games can be a relaxed approach to learning or honing our problem-solving skills while relieving stress. However, game playing generally carries a considerable amount of decision-making, involving mathematical and statistical considerations that we make to decide on what we think is the best move.

24 May 2021, techxplore.com

Facebook’s Dynabench now scores NLP models for metrics like ‘fairness’

Facebook updated its Dynabench language model evaluation tool with Dynaboard, an 'evaluation-as-a-service' platform.

24 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Digital twin technology a 'powerful tool' but requires significant investment, say experts

Healthcare and aerospace experts at King's College London, The Alan Turing Institute, the University of Cambridge, and the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at UT Austin in Texas have said advances in digital twin technology make it a powerful tool for facilitating predictive and precision medicine and enhancing decision-making for aerospace systems.

24 May 2021, techxplore.com

ServiceNow taps Microsoft data to enhance security

ServiceNow has extended the integration reach of its security operations management platform to include offerings from Microsoft.

24 May 2021, venturebeat.com

The government wants to have another go at digital identity. Can it get it right this time?

The Government Digital Service wants to make it easy to access public services online. Will it be up to the challenge?

24 May 2021, zdnet.com

The MIT humanoid robot: A dynamic robotic that can perform acrobatic behaviors

Creating robots that can perform acrobatic movements such as flips or spinning jumps can be highly challenging. Typically, in fact, these robots require sophisticated hardware designs, motion planners and control algorithms.

24 May 2021, techxplore.com

Fireflies.ai puts $14M into its AI videoconferencing assistant

Fireflies.ai, an AI-powered videoconference note-taking tool, has raised $14 million in a series A funding round.

24 May 2021, venturebeat.com

AI Can Write Disinformation Now—and Dupe Human Readers

Georgetown researchers used text generator GPT-3 to write misleading tweets about climate change and foreign affairs. People found the posts persuasive.

24 May 2021, wired.com

CSIRO Data61 bins Trustworthy Systems team behind seL4

Provably secure microkernel will continue in its own foundation, but the team within Data61 is no more.

24 May 2021, zdnet.com

More than half of NSW drivers have adopted a digital licence

Three million people have downloaded a digital driver's licence in New South Wales.

24 May 2021, zdnet.com

IBM’s Project CodeNet will test how far you can push AI to write software

IBM’s AI group released CodeNet, a 14-million-sample dataset for training machine learning models to help software developers be productive.

23 May 2021, venturebeat.com

AI Helps Explain How Single-Celled Organisms Move in the Desired Direction Without a Brain

How do simple creatures manage to move to a specific place? Artificial intelligence and a physical model from TU Wien can now explain this. How is it possible to move in the desired direction without a brain or nervous system? Single-celled organisms

23 May 2021, scitechdaily.com

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Way Videos Are Organized

Netra, co-founded by Shashi Kant SM ’06, uses artificial intelligence to help companies sort and manage video content. At any given moment, many thousands of new videos are being posted to sites like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. An increasing numb

22 May 2021, scitechdaily.com

China fund managers rely on AI to manage trading data and pick stocks

Chinese fund managers grappling with mountains of trade data and a long list of publicly-traded stock rely on AI and ML to boost efficiency.

22 May 2021, venturebeat.com

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