RPA platform ElectroNeek raises $20M

Robotic process automation platform ElectroNeek has raised $20 million in venture capital, the company announced.

01 June 2021, venturebeat.com

Spiking neural network chip combines low latency and energy consumption with high inference accuracy

In April 2020, imec introduced the world's first chip to process radar signals using a spiking recurrent neural network (SNN). Its flagship use-case? The creation of a smart, low-power multi-sensor perception system for drones that identifies obstacles in a matter of milliseconds.

01 June 2021, techxplore.com

Robot maker acquires conversational AI startup

A social robot with the gift of gab may soon become the most conversant machine on the planet.

01 June 2021, zdnet.com

Want Your Nails Done? Let a Robot Do It.

Start-ups are using technology to take a robotic approach to manicures, offering a simple way to provide foolproof nail polish.

01 June 2021, nytimes.com

This fibre optic cable full of air could be the key to better 5G networks

UK telecoms company BT is trialing the use of hollow core fiber cables in its 5G networks, with some promising results.

01 June 2021, zdnet.com

Australian COVID-19 vaccine registration portal to go live on Friday

More than 100 days since Australia's vaccine rollout started, the federal government is launching a portal that will provide information on who exactly has received the jab.

01 June 2021, zdnet.com

Australia pins clearer idea of who got vaccinated on new portal

More than 100 days since Australia's vaccine rollout started, the federal government is launching a portal that will provide information on who exactly has received the jab.

01 June 2021, zdnet.com

Nvidia lifts curtain on AI software dev platform, new AI servers at Computex

At Computex 2021, Nvidia unveiled its Base Command AI software development platform and x86 servers certified to run Nvidia AI Enterprise.

01 June 2021, venturebeat.com

Something Bothering You? Tell It to Woebot.

When your therapist is a bot, you can reach it at 2 a.m. But will it really understand your problems?

01 June 2021, nytimes.com

President Xi Jinping wants China to accelerate efforts in becoming technologically self-reliant

In an address, China's president has called for the country's domestic science and technology sectors to place more focus on becoming self-reliant.

01 June 2021, zdnet.com

Researchers fine-tune control over AI image generation

Researchers have developed a new state-of-the-art method for controlling how artificial intelligence (AI) systems create images. The work has applications for fields from autonomous robotics to AI training.

01 June 2021, sciencedaily.com

Intel’s image-enhancing AI is a step forward for photorealistic game engines

Intel's deep learning system turns 3D rendered graphics into photorealistic images, but it isn't ready yet to deliver real-time game engines.

31 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Machine learning is changing our culture. Try this text-altering tool to see how

Through the act of suggesting some words and not others, the predictive text features in our devices change the way we think — and therefore shape our culture.

31 May 2021, theconversation.com

Vectra: 10 most common threats for Azure AD, Office 365 customers

Vectra.ai research focused on the top 10 most common activities in Azure AD and Office 365 environments which indicate a security threat.

31 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Romeo and Juliet remixed: how technology can change storytelling

With the touch of a button, a Sydney Opera House audience rewrites Shakespeare as it is performed in front of them

31 May 2021, theguardian.com

Medical AI models rely on 'shortcuts' that could lead to misdiagnosis of COVID-19

Artificial intelligence promises to be a powerful tool for improving the speed and accuracy of medical decision-making to improve patient outcomes. From diagnosing disease, to personalizing treatment, to predicting complications from surgery, AI could become as integral to patient care in the future as imaging and laboratory tests are today.

31 May 2021, techxplore.com

A deep dive into privacy-protecting databases

Privacy-protecting databases today tend to use multiple, complex techniques to safeguard data.

31 May 2021, venturebeat.com

Asapp releases dataset to help develop better customer service AI

Asapp, a research-driven customer experience company, released a dataset designed to help train automated call center systems.

31 May 2021, venturebeat.com

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