Researchers fine-tune control over AI image generation

Researchers have developed a new state-of-the-art method for controlling how artificial intelligence (AI) systems create images. The work has applications for fields from autonomous robotics to AI training.

01 June 2021,

Intel’s image-enhancing AI is a step forward for photorealistic game engines

Intel's deep learning system turns 3D rendered graphics into photorealistic images, but it isn't ready yet to deliver real-time game engines.

31 May 2021,

Machine learning is changing our culture. Try this text-altering tool to see how

Through the act of suggesting some words and not others, the predictive text features in our devices change the way we think — and therefore shape our culture.

31 May 2021,

Vectra: 10 most common threats for Azure AD, Office 365 customers research focused on the top 10 most common activities in Azure AD and Office 365 environments which indicate a security threat.

31 May 2021,

Romeo and Juliet remixed: how technology can change storytelling

With the touch of a button, a Sydney Opera House audience rewrites Shakespeare as it is performed in front of them

31 May 2021,

Medical AI models rely on 'shortcuts' that could lead to misdiagnosis of COVID-19

Artificial intelligence promises to be a powerful tool for improving the speed and accuracy of medical decision-making to improve patient outcomes. From diagnosing disease, to personalizing treatment, to predicting complications from surgery, AI could become as integral to patient care in the future as imaging and laboratory tests are today.

31 May 2021,

A deep dive into privacy-protecting databases

Privacy-protecting databases today tend to use multiple, complex techniques to safeguard data.

31 May 2021,

Asapp releases dataset to help develop better customer service AI

Asapp, a research-driven customer experience company, released a dataset designed to help train automated call center systems.

31 May 2021,

How we made Short Circuit, by Steve Guttenberg and John Badham

‘A producer said: “Great – but can he dance?” So we got him to move like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever’

31 May 2021,

The Robot Smiled Back: Engineers Use AI to Teach Robots to Make Appropriate Reactive Human Facial Expressions

While our facial expressions play a huge role in building trust, most robots still sport the blank and static visage of a professional poker player. With the increasing use of robots in locations where robots and humans need to work closely together,

31 May 2021,

The Guardian view on medical records: NHS data grab needs explaining | Editorial

Editorial: In England, ministers’ plans to suck up GP records need to be scrapped and restarted with a proper debate about their use and privacy implications

30 May 2021,

Microsoft Build touts Power Apps, Cosmos DB enhancements to develop code faster

Microsoft emphasized speed and ease of development in announcements for Power Apps, Power BI, and Cosmos DB at Microsoft Build.

30 May 2021,

The power of synthetic images to train AI models

As privacy laws start to limit companies' data sets, synthetic data could be key to continuing to leverage AI.

30 May 2021,

Adversarial attacks in machine learning: What they are and how to stop them

Adversarial attacks present a growing threat to commercial AI and machine learning systems. Fortunately, some solutions exist.

29 May 2021,

AI Weekly: GoodAI aims to fund research on fundamental AI challenge

GoodAI, an organization founded by Slovakian entrepreneur Marek Rosa, aims to solve fundamental challenges in AI.

28 May 2021,

AI in a post-pandemic economy

Enterprises ramped up deployment plans for intelligent technologies during the pandemic, and the AI trend will continue post-pandemic.

28 May 2021,

SugarCRM sweetens predictive AI engine for marketing automation

The connection between marketing and sales gets tighter as SugarCRM tunes its platform for better marketing automation.

28 May 2021,

Blue Prism 7 shifts focus from RPA to programmable digital workers

Blue Prism's architecture update shifts the platform's focus from robotic process automation (RPA) to intelligent process automation.

28 May 2021,

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