Facebook AI software able to dig up origins of deepfake images

Facebook scientists on Wednesday said they developed artificial intelligence software to not only identify "deepfake" images but to figure out where they came from.

17 June 2021, techxplore.com

New Energy-Efficient AI System-on-Chip Runs on Solar Power

AI is used in an array of extremely useful applications, such as predicting a machine's lifetime through its vibrations, monitoring the cardiac activity of patients, and incorporating facial recognition capabilities into video surveillance systems. T

17 June 2021, scitechdaily.com

The Efforts to Make Text-Based AI Less Racist and Terrible

Language models like GPT-3 can write poetry, but they often amplify negative stereotypes. Researchers are trying different approaches to address the problem.

17 June 2021, wired.com

NSW government dedicates AU$28m to assist with bushfire technology research

As part of the 2021-22 NSW Budget, the state government said funding will be put towards research and commercialisation of new technologies to tackle future bushfires.

17 June 2021, zdnet.com

Tractable uses computer vision to accelerate insurance claims

Tractable's AI performs a real-time analysis that helps insurance companies quickly decide whether a car can be fixed.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

Investments in ‘intangible assets’ like data and branding pay off, Mckinsey says

Investments in "intangible assets" like R&D, digital transformation, and employee training boost productivity and growth, study finds.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

Facebook AI can now use just one word to mimic text style from images

Facebook has announced their new AI project TextStyleBrush, a software capable of copying the style of handwritten or printed text in an image using only one word. Users can utilize this model to alter and replace text in photos.

16 June 2021, techxplore.com

Amex bets on AI and NLP for customer service

With an eye toward customer service, American Express taps AI, specifically NLP, for a new predictive search capability in its app.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

AI-driven robot Mayflower begins Atlantic voyage

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship is collecting data after leaving Plymouth for the US.

16 June 2021, bbc.com

TransUnion is embracing RPA to ‘make humans relevant again’

TransUnion is using a combination of robotic process automation, AI, and machine learning to streamline workflow processes.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

Facebook’s AI reverse-engineers models used to generate deepfakes

Facebook and Michigan State University created a system capable of reverse-engineering models used to create deepfakes.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

AI, the future of work and how to improve the safety and security of the workforce

In less than two years, the workplace has evolved quickly. Our personal space inside our homes has transformed into a makeshift office, while corporate buildings are vacant and underutilised. 

Amazon Alexa head scientist on developing trustworthy AI systems

Amazon Alexa head scientist Rohit Prasad believes context is the key to more capable voice-driven AI systems -- and AI systems in general.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

ProtoTree: Addressing the black-box nature of deep learning models

One of the biggest obstacles in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence is that it cannot explain what a prediction is based on. These machine-learning systems are so-called black boxes when the reasoning for a decision is not self-evident to a user. Meike Nauta, Ph.

16 June 2021, techxplore.com

MachineMetrics raises $20M to meet industrial analytics demand

MachineMetrics, a company developing a platform to monitor industrial machines, has raised $20 million in venture funding.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

Introhive raises $100M to automate customer relationship management

Introhive, a company providing customer relationship management automation solutions, has raised $100 million in a growth equity round.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

New workload sharing framework drives breakthroughs in AI-based application performance

Intel Deep Link technology lets CPUs and GPUs run AI-powered applications at blazing speeds and without compromising the user experience.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

Gloat, which uses AI to connect employees with internal work, raises $57M

Gloat, which gives enterprises visibility into their employees' skills and enables them to fill roles internally, has raised $57 million.

16 June 2021, venturebeat.com

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