Aussie cryptocurrency industry unanimously calls for fit-for-purpose regulation

Cryptocurrency isn't going anywhere, one Australian company submitted, and the local industry just wants to be covered by fit-for-purpose regulation.

06 July 2021,

Reserve Bank sees no 'policy case' for digital Aussie dollar just yet

Australia's central bank has been looking into the potential for a digital currency, but said it does not consider a policy case has yet emerged for issuing such a thing.

06 July 2021,

Australian space manufacturers receive AU$1.3b backing from Canberra

The AU$1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative will be delivered as part of the federal government's AU$1.5 billion Modern Manufacturing strategy, which has identified space as a priority sector.

06 July 2021,

Deloitte scores Australian health 'information gateway' contract

The consultancy firm will be delivering the first phase of the modernisation of the national digital health infrastructure project underway by the Australian Digital Health Agency.

06 July 2021,

Victorian trial reveals lidar sensors can alert road users of upcoming hazards

A six-month trial in Victoria has shown that lidar sensors can detect potential road hazards within 0.2 seconds.

06 July 2021,

New Zealand working on a consumer data right regulatory regime

Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister says an upcoming data-sharing regime will put individuals 'in the driver's seat' when it comes to how their information is used.

06 July 2021,

The future of deep learning, according to its pioneers

Deep learning pioneers Deep Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton, and Yann LeCun outlines future directions for research in ACM paper.

05 July 2021,

The new world of work: You plus AI

Cogito CEO Josh Feast and Info-Tech Research analyst Igor Ikonnikov weigh in on potential benefits and risks of AI and the future of work.

05 July 2021,

Microsoft’s Project Alexandria parses documents using unsupervised learning

Microsoft's Project Alexandria, which uses unsupervised learning to parse documents, powers the company's Viva Topics product.

05 July 2021,

AI legislation must address bias in algorithmic decision-making systems

One promising bill proposes a cross-government investigation into discriminatory algorithmic processes throughout the economy.

05 July 2021,

You can now buy AI technologies from TikTok

From the company’s owner, not your favourite TikTok influencer.

Smart cities to the hyperloop: This region is investing in a tech-led transport revolution

The Middle East is seeing a flurry of startup activity that, when combined with large-scale government investment, could deliver transformative economic, environmental and human benefits.

05 July 2021,

21 ways medical digital twins will transform health care

Digital twins are close to reality, as a wide array of medical use cases show, from personalized medicine to medical device development.

04 July 2021,

Voice tech makes inroads in the enterprise

Voice tech is finally gaining a foothold in business -- but not in the expected form of in-office assistants.

04 July 2021,

Predicting Human Behaviour Through AI

The evolution of AI and deep learning have allowed researchers to unveil computer vision and AI techniques giving AI the chance to predict what someone is about to do next, based on their body language, through screening thousands of raw videos.

04 July 2021,

The lessons we learn from self-driving will drive our robotics future

For decades, one-armed robots have performed highly scripted tasks. Soon we'll see robots with more autonomy.

04 July 2021,

Astronomers Use Artificial Intelligence to Reveal the Actual Shape of the Universe

Japanese astronomers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) technique to remove noise in astronomical data due to random variations in galaxy shapes. After extensive training and testing on large mock data created by supercomputer simulati

04 July 2021,

Kusama introduces 'art legos': Complex programmable NFTs

Now that NFTs are well known and desirable in the digital art world, Kusama wants to add complex functionality to make them even more valuable.

03 July 2021,

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