What to expect at Transform 2021, the year’s top event on enterprise AI & data 

The 5-day-long event brings technology and business executives true applied lessons that can be carried over into all industries.

09 July 2021, venturebeat.com

Harnessing AI to Discover New Drugs: Rewriting the Rulebook for Pharmaceutical Research

Artificial intelligence (AI) is able to recognize the biological activity of natural products in a targeted manner, as researchers at ETH Zurich have demonstrated. Moreover, AI helps to find molecules that have the same effect as a natural substance but are easier to manufacture.

09 July 2021, scitechdaily.com

Quantum computing: This new 100-qubit processor is built with atoms cooled down near to absolute zero

ColdQuanta manipulates ultracold atoms to create quantum processors, and has now announced its first quantum computer.

09 July 2021, zdnet.com

From encryption to IoT, this region's startups are forging new frontiers with space technology

Space startups across the CEE region look to repeat success stories such as that of Bulgarian deep-tech startup EnduroSat, which recently launched a nanosatellite into space.

09 July 2021, zdnet.com

Need to Fit Billions of Transistors on a Chip? Let AI Do It

Google, Nvidia, and others are training algorithms in the dark arts of designing semiconductors—some of which will be used to run artificial intelligence programs.

09 July 2021, wired.com

CBA turns focus on applying responsible AI following national ethics framework pilot

Commonwealth Bank of Australia plans to leverage AI at scale, but it wants to ensure that it's being done in a responsible and ethical way.

09 July 2021, zdnet.com

Computer-assisted biology: Decoding noisy data to predict cell growth

Researchers used artificial intelligence to obtain a more objective understanding of cell growth and division without preconceived assumptions. Using a deep-learning neural network, they were able to more accurately model the complex processes that affect cell size over time.

09 July 2021, sciencedaily.com

Intel exec Huma Abidi on the urgent need for diversity and inclusion in AI

Intel's Huma Abidi talks about her DE&I initiatives both in her private life and as part of Intel's ongoing efforts across the company.

08 July 2021, venturebeat.com

Data labeling for AI research is highly inconsistent, study finds

According to a new study, the datasets used to train AI models are often labeled according to drastically different standards.

08 July 2021, venturebeat.com

Researchers detail blind spots of large language models

Researchers at the Allen Institute for AI find that scaling up language models like OpenAI's GPT-3 can fix some errors -- but not all.

08 July 2021, venturebeat.com

Google responds to antitrust lawsuit over Android app store

Google says lawsuit that ignores app choice on Android and Google Play.

08 July 2021, zdnet.com

OpenAI warns AI behind GitHub’s Copilot may be susceptible to bias

Codex, the AI model powering GitHub's Copilot feature, might be susceptible to biases, OpenAI admits in a new research paper.

08 July 2021, venturebeat.com

Machine learning models based on thermal data predict solar radiation

A research team at the University of Córdoba has developed and evaluated models for the prediction of solar radiation in nine locations in southern Spain and North Carolina (USA).

08 July 2021, techxplore.com

An AI for sea ice identification

If you've watched Netflix, shopped online, or run your robot vacuum cleaner, you've interacted with artificial intelligence, AI. AI is what allows computers to comb through an enormous amount of data to detect patterns or solve problems. The European Union says AI is set to be a "defining future technology.

08 July 2021, techxplore.com

A neural network to identify tiger mosquitoes

A study by researchers in the Scene understanding and artificial intelligence (SUNAI) research group, of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya's (UOC) Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications, has developed a method that can learn to identify mosquitoes using a large number of images that volunteers took using mobile phones and uploaded to Mosquito Alert platform.

08 July 2021, techxplore.com

Transform World showcases transformative data technologies

This week-long series of partner events gathers the latest data, AI, and tech news and learnings to bring them directly to your team.

08 July 2021, venturebeat.com

Three drone mistakes everyone makes and how to avoid them

Love flying your drone? Here are some tips for becoming a better drone pilot.

08 July 2021, zdnet.com

Today’s power revolution is creating new levels of resilience, inclusion, and environmental health

Technology that increases energy efficiency will ensure we meet our energy needs while mitigating environmental harm and power inequity.

08 July 2021, venturebeat.com

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