Swarm of autonomous tiny drones can localize gas leaks

When there is a gas leak in a large building or at an industrial site, human firefighters currently need to go in with gas sensing instruments. Finding the gas leak may take considerable time, while they are risking their lives. Researchers have now developed the first swarm of tiny - and hence very safe - drones that can autonomously detect and localize gas sources in cluttered indoor environments.

14 July 2021, sciencedaily.com

Trust me, I'm a chatbot

More and more companies are using chatbots in customer services. Due to advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, chatbots are often indistinguishable from humans when it comes to communication. But should companies tell customers they are communicating with machines and not with humans? Researchers investigated.

14 July 2021, sciencedaily.com

Getting dressed with help from robots

Basic safety needs in the paleolithic era have largely evolved with the onset of the industrial and cognitive revolutions. We interact a little less with raw materials, and interface a little more with machines.

13 July 2021, techxplore.com

Google's new cloud computing tool helps you pick the greenest data centers

The search giant is encouraging customers to pick cloud regions that have a lower carbon footprint

13 July 2021, zdnet.com

New platform allows autonomous vehicles to safely drive at small distances

Ph.D. student Robbin van Hoek has designed a new platform for automated vehicles that integrates the benefits of cooperative and autonomous vehicles. The framework is an important step toward autonomous vehicles that are capable of safely driving at small inter-vehicle distances, while preventing the harmonica effect that is often seen in human driven vehicles at the highway.

13 July 2021, techxplore.com

Shopic AI smart carts secure further £7.2m in funding

Retail AI solutions provider Shopic has raised an additional $10 million (£7.2m) of funding, bringing its total amount raised to $21 million.

GPS for the moon: Nav tech heads to space

Because printing out turn-by-turn directions isn't going to cut it in space.

13 July 2021, zdnet.com

Government backs blockchain with AU$5.6m in funding towards supply chain solutions

Everledger and Convergence.tech have been given funding to explore two pilots centred on supporting supply chain solutions and helping to ease regulatory burdens.

13 July 2021, zdnet.com

Self-supervised machine learning adds depth, breadth and speed to sky surveys

Sky surveys are invaluable for exploring the universe, allowing celestial objects to be catalogued and analyzed without the need for lengthy observations. But in providing a general map or image of a region of the sky, they are also one of the largest data generators in science, currently imaging tens of millions to billions of galaxies over the lifetime of an individual survey.

12 July 2021, techxplore.com

Detection of COVID-19 via Automatic Artificial Intelligence Cough Analysis

A team of researchers has submitted the system to the Cough Sound Track of the Diagnosing COVID-19 using Acoustics (DiCOVA) Challenge. The covid-19 crisis has tested healthcare systems throughout the world. Access to vaccines against covid-19 has rendered the situation more stable by the day.

12 July 2021, scitechdaily.com

NVIDIA launches UK supercomputer to search for healthcare solutions

Nvidia’s ‘Cambridge-1’ is now operational and utilising AI and simulation to advance research in healthcare.

Robot with rapid motor adaptation able to traverse multiple types of terrain

A group of researchers from Carnegie Mellon and UC Berkeley working with a team at Facebook AI has developed a new type of reactive locomotive system for robots. Called rapid motor adaptation, it allows a robot to traverse a variety of terrain types by learning from past experiences.

12 July 2021, techxplore.com

Immune System “Clock” Developed That Accurately Predicts Illness and Mortality

You're as old as your immune system. Investigators at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging have built an inflammatory-aging clock that's more accurate than the number of candles on your birthday cake

12 July 2021, scitechdaily.com

Researchers design a system for detecting floods from space using artificial intelligence

Researchers at the Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) of the University of Valencia, in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the Phi-Lab of the European Space Agency (ESA), have developed a model for flood detection based on neural networks.

12 July 2021, techxplore.com

AI-Powered Recycling Robot Could Help Solve Plastic Waste Crisis

Researchers create robot that sorts soft plastic Technology could be a boon for recycling industry Engineering researchers are developing a unique method to increase the recycling of soft plastics by creating a smart robot that can identify, sort and

12 July 2021, scitechdaily.com

GitHub’s Commercial AI Tool Was Built From Open Source Code

Copilot is pitched as a helpful aid to developers. But some programmers object to the blind copying of blocks of code used to train the algorithm.

12 July 2021, wired.com

Need a Soundtrack for Your YouTube Video? Ask an AI Composer

A new music creation plug-in uses machine intelligence to compose songs on the fly that match the visual tone and rhythm of creators’ videos.

12 July 2021, wired.com

SK Hynix applies EUV to DRAM production

SK Hynix has begun applying the extreme ultraviolet process in its DRAM production, starting with its new LPPDR4 mobile DRAM.

12 July 2021, zdnet.com

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