Honeypot security technique can also stop attacks in natural language processing

As online fake news detectors and spam filters become more sophisticated, so do attackers' methods to trick them—including attacks through the "universal trigger." In this learning-based method, an attacker uses a phrase or set of words to fool an indefinite number of inputs.

29 July 2021, techxplore.com

What is quantum computing? Everything you need to know about the strange world of quantum computers

Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon are all looking into it, but quantum computing is still widely misunderstood. This is everything you need to know about the next stage of computing, and everything that it could unlock.

29 July 2021, zdnet.com

Optimizing phase change materials could reduce power plant water consumption

The food-water-energy nexus dictates that there is a direct link between these three necessities, and stressing one directly impacts the supply of the other two. As the population grows, human demand for energy and food has caused freshwater reserves to slowly deplete.

29 July 2021, techxplore.com

Qantas gears up digital health pass ahead of international flights resuming

Qantas is working with the International Air Transport Association to make COVID-19 safe travel happen once Australia's borders re-open.

29 July 2021, zdnet.com

COVIDSafe uploaded 1.65m 'handshakes' and was only used by NSW and Victoria

The Australian government says its COVIDSafe app identified 2,827 potential close contacts from 37,668 encounters in NSW and Victoria. Only 17 cases in NSW were identified separately to manual contact tracing efforts, however.

29 July 2021, zdnet.com

Waves of animals died at an ancient Spanish lake and now we know why

Fossil forensics and artificial intelligence have shed light on how multiple groups of large mammals died by a lake in what is now Spain 9 million years ago

29 July 2021, newscientist.com

Artificial Intelligence learns better when distracted

Computer scientists from the Netherlands and Spain have determined how a deep learning system well suited for image recognition learns to recognize its surroundings. They were able to simplify the learning process by forcing the system's focus toward secondary characteristics.

29 July 2021, sciencedaily.com

Best Wi-Fi router in 2021: Expert reviews of top brands

These are ZDNet's top picks for 2021's best Wi-Fi routers suitable for home offices and remote working.

28 July 2021, zdnet.com

A new taxonomy to characterize human grasp types in videos

Over the past few decades, roboticists and computer scientists have developed a variety of data-based techniques for teaching robots how to complete different tasks. To achieve satisfactory results, however, these techniques should be trained on reliable and large datasets, preferably labeled with information related to the task they are learning to complete.

28 July 2021, techxplore.com

Fact check: Facebook didn't pull the plug on two chatbots because they created a language

The claim: Facebook discontinued two "AI robots" after they developed their own language

28 July 2021, techxplore.com

Researchers design AI system for social distance breach detection

Griffith University researchers have developed an AI video surveillance system to detect social distancing breaches in an airport without compromising privacy.

28 July 2021, techxplore.com

Neural network trained to properly name organic molecules

Skoltech researchers and their colleagues from Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Syntelly start-up have developed and trained a neural network to generate names for organic compounds in accordance with the IUPAC nomenclature system. Their research published in the Scientific Reports shows that modern neural networks are able to efficiently deal with exact algorithmic problems.

28 July 2021, techxplore.com

Machine learning applications need less data than has been assumed

A combined team of researchers from the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta has found that at least some machine learning applications can learn from far fewer examples than has been assumed. In their paper published in the journal Nature Machine Intelligence, the group describes testing they carried out with machine learning applications created to predict certain types of molecular structures.

28 July 2021, techxplore.com

AR overtakes AI as the ‘most disruptive’ emerging technology

A new report from GlobalData finds that professionals now believe AR will disrupt their industry more than AI.

¿Quieres comprar una PlayStation 5? Hazte amigo de un bot

En una era de escasez causada por una pandemia, algo de automatización podría ser la gran diferencia a la hora de alcanzar lo inalcanzable.

28 July 2021, nytimes.com

It's time to standardize robotic surgery

Robots are common in the operating room, but there's no standard curriculum to train surgeons to use them.

28 July 2021, zdnet.com

LG and Magna form electric powertrain joint venture to target EV market

The new LG-Magna joint venture will operate subsidiaries in China and the US, the world's largest automobile markets.

28 July 2021, zdnet.com

RMIT partners with Intel and AARNet for new AWS cloud supercomputing facility

The Melbourne-based university is hoping to drive innovation at scale with its new cloud supercomputing facility.

28 July 2021, zdnet.com

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