Leica's new flying robot laser scanner

The company is mastering reality capture by pairing sensors with advanced robots.

10 September 2021, zdnet.com

Can AI—and a Personal Assistant—Cure Burnout for Working Moms?

Plus: Nest's original vision, a vaccine-weary public, and catastrophic business as usual.

10 September 2021, wired.com

Queensland wraps up connected vehicle road safety pilot

The Queensland government said during the nine-month pilot drivers were alerted about on-road hazards, including red lights, pedestrians, and cyclists.

10 September 2021, zdnet.com

WA government establishes AU$500m digital capability fund for IT upgrades

40% of WA's new digital fund will be dedicated to future health IT projects.

10 September 2021, zdnet.com

Sony CSL develops AI tool to help musicians generate new melodies and chords

The Flow Machines Mobile leverages machine learning to help users create new music based on style palettes.

10 September 2021, zdnet.com

AI can detect a deepfake face because its pupils have jagged edges

The pupils of faces in computer-generated deepfake videos or images have more jagged edges and are less symmetrical than those in real human eyes

10 September 2021, newscientist.com

World's first robotic squash coach

A social robot from the National Robotarium, hosted by Heriot-Watt University, has become the world's first squash coach to explore if performance improvements and motivation levels can be increased during a player's solo practice.

09 September 2021, techxplore.com

Microsoft readies more Teams hybrid meeting features; frees up more LinkedIn remote-work courses

Microsoft is continuing to look for ways to make hybrid work better via Teams, Outlook, LinkedIn courses and more. Meanwhile, Microsoft's U.S. employees will continue to work primarily remotely for the foreseeable future.

09 September 2021, zdnet.com

A universal system for decoding any type of data sent across a network

Every piece of data that travels over the internet—from paragraphs in an email to 3D graphics in a virtual reality environment—can be altered by the noise it encounters along the way, such as electromagnetic interference from a microwave or Bluetooth device.

09 September 2021, techxplore.com

Machine learning improves biological image analysis

Scientists use super-resolution microscopy to study previously undiscovered cellular worlds, revealing nanometer-scale details inside cells. This method revolutionized light microscopy and earned its inventors the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In an international collaboration, AI researchers from Tübingen have now developed an algorithm that significantly accelerates this technology.

09 September 2021, techxplore.com

LOKI: An intention dataset to train models for pedestrian and vehicle trajectory prediction

Human decision-making processes are inherently hierarchical. This means that they involve several levels of reasoning and different planning strategies that operate simultaneously to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

09 September 2021, techxplore.com

Tethered drone delivery from 150 feet up

Would drone delivery be safer if goods were lowered via a long tether?

09 September 2021, zdnet.com

Quantum computers could be a weapon against climate change, but maybe not in the way you expect

The intersection of quantum research and climate science is still niche, but experts are increasingly calling on scientists to study the sustainability applications of the technology.

09 September 2021, zdnet.com

A.I. Can Now Write Its Own Computer Code. That’s Good News for Humans.

A new technology called Codex generates programs in 12 coding languages and even translates between them. But it is not a threat to professional programmers.

09 September 2021, nytimes.com

With Vodafone on life support, Indian telco market craters

India's burgeoning telco market is headed for a duopoly that could ultimately be a disaster for customers.

09 September 2021, zdnet.com

iRobot launches Roomba j7+, Genius 3.0 platform: It takes a lot of AI to avoid poop

Rooba j7+ is powered by iRobot Genius 3.0, which includes PrecisionVision Navigation.

09 September 2021, zdnet.com

Singapore startup plays up esports potential in Southeast Asia

Esports can grow to become a lucrative industry in Southeast Asia, but the ecosystem and business models must first be developed, says Impunity Esports CEO.

09 September 2021, zdnet.com

Researchers enlist robot swarms to mine lunar resources

Building a base on the moon was once something out of science fiction, but now scientists are starting to consider it more seriously. Researchers are investigating methods for mining lunar resources to build such a base, using swarms of autonomous robots.

09 September 2021, sciencedaily.com

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