Do Alexa and Siri make kids bossier? New research suggests you might not need to worry

A team studied whether hanging out with conversational agents, such as Alexa or Siri, could affect the way children communicate with their fellow humans.

13 September 2021,

How Computationally Complex Is a Single Neuron?

Scientists taught an artificial neural network to imitate a biological neuron. The result offers a new way to think about the complexity of brain cells.

12 September 2021,

Facebook already has your memories, smart glasses will get it more

Ray-Ban Stories is just a part of a broader strategy for Facebook. The goal: Create a platform that captures your memories and monetizes you as you relive them.

11 September 2021,

How AI and 5G will power the next wave of innovation

Here are four real-world examples of where the combination of AI and 5G connectivity is reshaping industries.

10 September 2021,

Twitter begins labelling ‘good’ bots on the social media platform

Twitter is testing a new feature that will give the good kind of bots some due recognition.

10 September 2021,

A framework to evaluate techniques for simulating physical systems

The simulation of physical systems using computing tools can have numerous valuable applications, both in research and real-world settings. Most existing tools for simulating physical systems are based on physics theory and numerical calculations. In recent years, however, computer scientists have been trying to develop techniques that could complement these tools, which are based on the analysis of large amounts of data.

10 September 2021,

A way to spot computer-generated faces

A small team of researchers from The State University of New York at Albany, the State University of New York at Buffalo and Keya Medical has found a common flaw in computer-generated faces by which they can be identified. The group has written a paper describing their findings and have uploaded them to the arXiv preprint server.

10 September 2021,

Twitter algorithmic bias bounty challenge unveils age, language and skin tone issues

The social media giant would not say if another algorithmic bias bounty challenge will be held.

10 September 2021,

Study: AI can make better clinical decisions than humans

It's an old adage: there's no harm in getting a second opinion. But what if that second opinion could be generated by a computer, using artificial intelligence? Would it come up with better treatment recommendations than your professional proposes?

10 September 2021,

AWS bringing two new advanced statistics to German Bundesliga broadcasts for upcoming season

Shot Efficiency and Passing Profile will be added to the slate of Match Facts provided to Bundesliga fans.

10 September 2021,

A dog’s inner life: what a robot pet taught me about consciousness – podcast

The creators of the Aibo robot dog say it has ‘real emotions and instinct’. This may seem over the top, but is it? In today’s AI universe, all the eternal questions have become engineering problems

10 September 2021,

Leica's new flying robot laser scanner

The company is mastering reality capture by pairing sensors with advanced robots.

10 September 2021,

Can AI—and a Personal Assistant—Cure Burnout for Working Moms?

Plus: Nest's original vision, a vaccine-weary public, and catastrophic business as usual.

10 September 2021,

Queensland wraps up connected vehicle road safety pilot

The Queensland government said during the nine-month pilot drivers were alerted about on-road hazards, including red lights, pedestrians, and cyclists.

10 September 2021,

WA government establishes AU$500m digital capability fund for IT upgrades

40% of WA's new digital fund will be dedicated to future health IT projects.

10 September 2021,

Sony CSL develops AI tool to help musicians generate new melodies and chords

The Flow Machines Mobile leverages machine learning to help users create new music based on style palettes.

10 September 2021,

AI can detect a deepfake face because its pupils have jagged edges

The pupils of faces in computer-generated deepfake videos or images have more jagged edges and are less symmetrical than those in real human eyes

10 September 2021,

World's first robotic squash coach

A social robot from the National Robotarium, hosted by Heriot-Watt University, has become the world's first squash coach to explore if performance improvements and motivation levels can be increased during a player's solo practice.

09 September 2021,

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