‘It’s fundamental’: WPP chief on how AI has revolutionised advertising

Mark Read says artificial intelligence is helping it win clients keen to tap into the technology’s potential

23 February 2023, theguardian.com

AWS and Hugging Face expand partnership to make AI more accessible

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hugging Face have announced an expanded collaboration to accelerate the training and deployment of models for generative AI applications.

AI art replicates inequity at scale. We need to learn about its biases – and outsmart the algorithm | Tracey Spicer

An artist used Midjourney to design the cover of Tracey Spicer’s upcoming book. The process, she found, was exciting – and terrifying

23 February 2023, theguardian.com

China Chases ChatGPT’s Success

A wave of Chinese tech companies are announcing their own A.I.-powered chatbots — but face hurdles imposed by their own government.

23 February 2023, nytimes.com

‘Political propaganda’: China clamps down on access to ChatGPT

Leading tech firms reportedly ordered to remove workarounds allowing access to US-based service

23 February 2023, theguardian.com

Surprising Study Finds Infants Outperform AI in “Commonsense Psychology”

New study shows how infants are more adept at spotting motivations that drive human behavior. Infants outperform artificial intelligence in detecting what motivates other people’s actions, finds a new study by a team of psychology and data science researchers.

23 February 2023, scitechdaily.com

Opinion | Microsoft Is Sacrificing Its Ethical Principles to Win the A.I. Race

By launching Bing, Microsoft is abandoning the ethical principles it had carefully crafted around A.I.

23 February 2023, nytimes.com

Almost 40% of domestic tasks could be done by robots ‘within decade’

Tasks such as shopping likely to have most automation, while caring for young or old least likely to be affected, says report

23 February 2023, theguardian.com

A survey of over 17,000 people indicates only half of us are willing to trust AI at work

AI is inevitably entering the workplace – some people are more OK with it than others. But do we trust this technology?

23 February 2023, theconversation.com

Opinion | We’re Unprepared for the A.I. Gold Rush

Should we apply the brakes on this rapidly developing technology — or let it develop and deal with problems as they arise?

22 February 2023, nytimes.com

Using model-driven deep learning to achieve high-fidelity 4K color holographic display

In 2009, the IMAX 3D film "Avatar" swept the global film market. A few years later, the Hatsune Miku 3D concert attracted all anime fans' attention. And recently AR/VR 3D headwear devices led to a booming development of the metaverse. Each progress in the 3D display field brings essential social concerns and economic benefits.

22 February 2023, techxplore.com

Diffractive optical networks use object shifts for performance boost

Optical computing has been gaining wide interest for machine learning applications because of the massive parallelism and bandwidth of optics. Diffractive networks provide one such computing paradigm based on the transformation of the input light as it diffracts through a set of spatially-engineered surfaces, performing computation at the speed of light propagation without requiring any external power apart from the input light beam.

22 February 2023, techxplore.com

Worried about ChatGPT and artificial intelligence? How Qualcomm is trying to humanize tech

For the last five or so years, Qualcomm has bet big on bringing more artificial intelligence to smartphones, laptops, vehicles, smart infrastructure and other devices in the field—or what the company calls the "connected intelligent edge."

22 February 2023, techxplore.com

AI experts suggest 39% of time currently spent on chores could be automated within the next decade

On average, 39% of time currently spent on unpaid domestic work could be automated within the next decade, suggest AI experts from the UK and Japan. The findings are published in PLOS ONE by a team led by Ekaterina Hertog at the University Oxford, UK, and colleagues in Japan.

22 February 2023, techxplore.com

Five emerging trends that could change our lives online

The way we live our lives online is rapidly changing. Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and innovations such as blockchain—a kind of digital record for transactions—are set to transform the online world, affecting everything from social media to how people and businesses make money from their creativity.

22 February 2023, techxplore.com

Sci-fi magazine bans hundreds of AI chatbot authors

An American science fiction magazine said it had stopped accepting submissions and banned hundreds of authors after being deluged with stories written by artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots.

22 February 2023, techxplore.com

Microsoft brings Bing chatbot to phones after curbing quirks

Microsoft is ready to take its new Bing chatbot mainstream—less than a week after making major fixes to stop the artificially intelligent search engine from going off the rails.

22 February 2023, techxplore.com

Study shows VR users in the metaverse can be identified using head and hand motion data

A team of computer scientists from UC Berkeley, RWTH Aachen and Unanimous AI, has found that users moving around virtually in the metaverse can be identified using nothing more than data received from head and hand sensors. The group has been studying privacy issues regarding users engaging with virtual reality ecosystems and has found that makers of VR games can easily identify who is involved by analyzing head and hand motion data.

22 February 2023, techxplore.com

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