LEONARDO, the bipedal robot, can ride a skateboard and walk a slackline

Researchers at Caltech have built a bipedal robot that combines walking with flying to create a new type of locomotion, making it exceptionally nimble and capable of complex movements.

06 October 2021, techxplore.com

The automotive industry is racing towards electric vehicles

New research from the Experience Per Mile Advisory Council, guided by Harman and SBD Automotive, looks at the future of electrical vehicles and evolving customer experiences.

06 October 2021, zdnet.com

Brain cell differences could be key to learning in humans and AI

Researchers have found that variability between brain cells might speed up learning and improve the performance of the brain and future AI.

06 October 2021, techxplore.com

Can bats help us design a better driverless car?

Fruit bats aren't the first words that comes to mind when you think of driverless cars. But in their nightly forays for fruit and nectar, they routinely solve many of the engineering challenges that have stalled efforts to develop safe, reliable and efficient autonomous vehicles.

06 October 2021, techxplore.com

A new model to synthesize emotional speech for companion robots

Over the past few decades, roboticists have designed a variety of robots to assist humans. These include robots that could assist the elderly and serve as companions to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

06 October 2021, techxplore.com

Best security key 2021: Protect your online accounts

While robust passwords go a long way to securing your valuable online accounts, hardware-based two-factor authentication takes that security to the next level.

06 October 2021, zdnet.com

'Are we willing to pull the plug?' Tech projects are under scrutiny as digital ethics concerns increase

Tech analysis firm anticipates a shift towards privacy that might mean some tough decisions ahead.

06 October 2021, zdnet.com

World’s Smallest Brain-Inspired Computer – So Small That It Can Harvest Its Energy Itself

The energy consumption of the device will be so small that it can harvest its energy itself, directly from its surroundings. The project has received funding from the Villum Experiment program. Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen explosive growth i

06 October 2021, scitechdaily.com

Tech bosses are hiring, and these are skills they're looking for

Demand for some particular skills is increasing thanks to the recent explosion of "digital-first" ways of doing business.

06 October 2021, zdnet.com

As animal collisions soar thermal cams offer hope

FLIR cameras detect body heat, which could be a huge safety super power.

06 October 2021, zdnet.com

Laurie Anderson Has a Message for Us Humans

For half a century, she has taken the things we know best— our bodies, our rituals, our nation — and shown us how strange they really are.

06 October 2021, nytimes.com

Opinion | I Designed Algorithms at Facebook. Here’s How to Regulate Them.

Fixing how central they are to the platform’s content moderation could be the answer to its woes.

06 October 2021, nytimes.com

A True Story About Bogus Photos of People Making Fake News

A photographer set out to capture the misinformation producers in a small town in Macedonia. He wound up revealing uncomfortable truths about his own profession.

06 October 2021, wired.com

Updated CDR rules to allow accredited participants to appoint representatives

Accredited data recipients under the CDR will soon be able to appoint representatives that can access and use CDR data without accreditation.

06 October 2021, zdnet.com

Supersized AIs: Are truly intelligent machines just a matter of scale?

Gigantic neural networks that write with remarkable fluency have led some experts to suggest that scaling up current technology will lead to human-level language abilities – and ultimately true machine intelligence

06 October 2021, newscientist.com

EU votes to restrict AI use in law enforcement while UK rolls it out

Legislation working its way through the European Parliament could see a complete ban on the use of artificial intelligence in law enforcement

06 October 2021, newscientist.com

LEONARDO, the bipedal robot, can ride a skateboard and walk a slackline

LEO carves out a new type of locomotion somewhere between walking and flying.

06 October 2021, sciencedaily.com

How Dress for Success delivers economic empowerment and independence

Dress for Success Indianapolis empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools to thrive in work and in life.

05 October 2021, zdnet.com

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