Instacart acquires Caper for AI-powered shopping cart and checkout tech

Over time, Instacart plans to integrate Caper's technology into the Instacart app, as well as its retail partners' platforms, for a more blended in-store and digital grocery shopping experience.

19 October 2021,

Cockroach DB introduces a serverless tier

Long associated with NoSQL databases with relaxed requirements for data consistency, Cockroach Labs is joining AWS in introducing serverless to the world of ACID transaction processing.

19 October 2021,

How AI breaks in power factor on an industrial workhorse motor

Lift the lid on an electrified home, a factory or a mine, and you'll find a troop of squirrel cage motors active at all hours. Industrialized nations wouldn't be nearly as industrial without these.

19 October 2021,

Autonomous race cars to battle at Indy Speedway

The first-ever event showcases open source development in driverless race cars.

19 October 2021,

Lost in translation: Language barrier is hurting commercialisation in Australia

It's hard to collaborate when industry want to get straight to the point and academics rely on lengthy research papers.

19 October 2021,

Generative AI, autonomic systems, hyperautomation and more top Gartner list of top tech trends in 2022

Released on Monday at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo Americas, the list covers the tools and technology that will drive innovation in the next year.

18 October 2021,

How the brain navigates cities: We seem to be wired to calculate not the shortest path but the 'pointiest' one

Everyone knows the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. However, when you're walking along city streets, a straight line may not be possible. How do you decide which way to go?

18 October 2021,

Arm unveils 5G Solutions Lab for network infrastructure innovation

DISH, Google Cloud, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Vodafone and others will be involved in the effort.

18 October 2021,

Robots for kids: Best STEM kits and other tech gifts for hackers of all ages

If you want to spark the imagination of your kids and help them hone tech skills they'll need as adults, check out this list of our favorite tech toys.

18 October 2021,

AI predicts extensive material properties to break down a previously insurmountable wall

If the properties of materials can be reliably predicted, then the process of developing new products for a huge range of industries can be streamlined and accelerated. In a study published in Advanced Intelligent Systems, researchers from The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science used core-loss spectroscopy to determine the properties of organic molecules using machine learning.

18 October 2021,

Facebook claims its AI reduced hate by 50% despite internal documents highlighting failures

Damning reports about the ineffectiveness of Facebook’s AI in countering hate speech prompted the firm to publish a post to the contrary, but the company’s own internal documents highlight serious failures.

Developing Artificial Intelligence That “Thinks” Like Humans

Creating human-like AI is about more than mimicking human behavior – technology must also be able to process information, or ‘think’, like humans too if it is to be fully relied upon. New research, published in the journal Patterns and led by the Uni

18 October 2021,

Facebook: We want 10,000 new recruits to help build our VR metaverse

Facebook says it wants to work with European governments to hire local talent and develop a metaverse that's made with European values from the outset.

18 October 2021,

MIT Uses AI To Accelerate the Discovery of New Materials for 3D Printing

A new machine-learning system costs less, generates less waste, and can be more innovative than manual discovery methods. The growing popularity of 3D printing for manufacturing all sorts of items, from customized medical devices to affordable homes,

18 October 2021,

Scientists show how AI may spot unseen signs of heart failure

A special artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer algorithm was able to learn how to identify subtle changes in electrocardiograms (also known as ECGs or EKGs) to predict whether a patient was experiencing heart failure.

18 October 2021,

Four-legged swarm robots

Engineers have built multi-legged robots capable of maneuvering in challenging environments and accomplishing difficult tasks collectively, mimicking their natural-world counterparts.

18 October 2021,

Breakthrough proof clears path for quantum AI

Convolutional neural networks running on quantum computers have generated significant buzz for their potential to analyze quantum data better than classical computers can.

18 October 2021,

NSW firefighters to be equipped with AU$57 million worth of new bushfire equipment

New drones, cells on wheels, and vehicles with built-in Wi-Fi will be included as part of the NSW government's connected firefighter package.

17 October 2021,

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