Social robots deserve our appreciation, bioethicist says

If you have sex with an android doll and then knock it around the room, are you being abusive? If you're in a foul mood and boot your robotic pet down the stairs, are you being a jerk? In either scenario, is the device's owner culpable of bad behavio

15 November 2021,

A deep learning technique for global field reconstruction with sparse sensors

Developing methods to accurately reconstruct spatial fields using data collected by sparse sensors has been a long-standing challenge in both physics and computer science. Ultimately, such methods could significantly aid the design, prediction, analysis and control of complex physical systems.

15 November 2021,

Researchers train computers to predict the next designer drugs

UBC researchers have trained computers to predict the next designer drugs before they are even on the market, technology that could save lives.

15 November 2021,

Rebar robots and autonomous project tracking

Why construction is one of the fastest growing adopters of automation technologies.

15 November 2021,

Self-Driving Roboats – Developed at MIT – Set Sea in Amsterdam Canals

If you don’t get seasick, an autonomous boat might be the right mode of transportation for you. Scientists from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Senseable City Laboratory, together with Amsterdam Institute

15 November 2021,

Opinion | What the Metaverse Sounds Like to Hans Zimmer

The composer discusses how streaming and A.I. are transforming movie music.

15 November 2021,

Telstra and Woolworths' Quantium to form new data and AI joint venture

Telstra and Quantium will target enterprise customers using a new 'whole of tech stack' to be delivered under a new joint venture between the pair.

15 November 2021,

AI can quickly identify structure of drugs designed for legal highs

Artificial intelligence can quickly identify the chemical structure of new drugs that have similar effects to substances such as cocaine and heroin, but have been designed to evade detection by existing tests

15 November 2021,

Yes, DeepMind crunches the numbers – but is it really a magic bullet? | John Naughton

The machine learning outfit’s foray into pharmaceuticals could be very useful, but its grand claims should be taken with a pinch of salt

13 November 2021,

Stanford Uses AI To Make Holographic Displays Look Even More Like Real Life

Virtual and augmented reality headsets are designed to place wearers directly into other environments, worlds, and experiences. While the technology is already popular among consumers for its immersive quality, there could be a future where the holographic displays look even more like real life.

12 November 2021,

Stefano Somenzi, Athics: On no-code AI and deploying conversational bots

No-code AI solutions are helping more businesses to get started on their AI journeys than ever. Athics, through its platform for deploying conversational bots, knows a thing or two about the topic.

Smart labels and allergy sensors – how to make sure the future of food is ethical

Researchers are looking into the potential technological threats to data safety and privacy from the smart supermarkets of the future.

12 November 2021,

The ethics of digital technology in the food sector

Imagine a world in which smart packaging for supermarket-ready meals updates you in real-time to tell you about carbon footprints, gives live warnings on product recalls and instant safety alerts because allergens were detected unexpectedly in the factory.

12 November 2021,

BT uses epidemiological modelling for new cyberattack-fighting AI

BT is deploying an AI trained on epidemiological modelling to fight the increasing risk of cyberattacks.

An Artist Who Disavows the Possibility of Individual Agency

According to Agnieszka Kurant, everything we make — from the systems that oppress us to the inventions that transform us — is the result of a collective.

12 November 2021,

A neural network-based optimization technique inspired by the principle of annealing

Optimization problems involve the identification of the best possible solution among several possibilities. These problems can be encountered in real-world settings, as well as in most scientific research fields.

11 November 2021,

AI algorithm provides better way to build nanoporous materials

Nanoporous materials might someday solve some of society's biggest challenges, from absorbing carbon dioxide or methane from air to storing hydrogen gas for fuel to sensing toxic compounds in the air.

11 November 2021,

Unsupervised AI arrives for quality inspection

The quality inspection revolution begins with some wildly independent AI.

11 November 2021,

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