Algorithms can decide your marks, your work prospects and your financial security. How do you know they're fair?

Algorithms are becoming commonplace. They can determine employment prospects, financial security and more. The use of algorithms can be controversial—for example, robodebt, as the Australian government's flawed online welfare compliance system came to be known.

22 November 2021,

Data scientists’ pay could hit £100k in 2022 amid ‘white hot’ jobs market

According to a forecast by Randstad, the salaries of leading data scientists could hit £100,000 by April 2022 amid a “white hot” jobs market.

A Robot Wrote This Book Review

In “The Age of AI,” Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocher explore how far artificial intelligence has come.

21 November 2021,

New microrobotic trajectory tracking method using broad learning system

The use of magnetic microrobots with miniature size and the ability of swimming in liquids with low Reynolds numbers is promising in targeted therapy, since these robots can move in narrow environments flexibly.

19 November 2021,

World weighs laws to rein in mighty algorithms

From the YouTube videos we're recommended to deciding who gets a job, algorithms wield an ever-growing influence over our lives—and policy-makers worldwide want to rein them in.

19 November 2021,

NYC aims to be first to rein in AI hiring tools

Job candidates rarely know when hidden artificial intelligence tools are rejecting their resumes or analyzing their video interviews. But New York City residents could soon get more say over the computers making behind-the-scenes decisions about their careers.

19 November 2021,

Can a Machine Learn Morality?

Researchers at a Seattle A.I. lab say they have built a system that makes ethical judgments. But its judgments can be as confusing as those of humans.

19 November 2021,

Baidu, Swiss Re ink partnership to explore insurance for autonomous vehicles

Swiss reinsurance company teams up with Chinese tech giant Baidu to develop insurance services that cover the entire value chain of autonomous driving, spanning producing pricing, claims, and underwriting data standards.

19 November 2021,

Sajid Javid under pressure over share options in US health tech firm

Health secretary had said artificial intelligence will shorten waiting lists after working for AI company

19 November 2021,

Researchers demonstrate drone autonomy technology at 2021 EnRicH hackathon

During the EnRicH 2021 European Robotics Hackathon, Southwest Research Institute's unmanned aircraft system (UAS) explored and mapped the interior of a nuclear power plant, detecting radiation sources—autonomously without the aid of a human pilot. SwRI's UAS, or drone, technology can potentially assist in life-saving search-and-rescue missions and hazardous inspections at industrial facilities and infrastructure following natural disasters and other incidents.

18 November 2021,

Artificial intelligence favors white men under 40

"Insert the missing word: I closed the door to my ____." It's an exercise that many remember from their school days. Whereas some societal groups might fill in the space with the word "holiday home", others may be more likely to insert "dorm room" or "garage".

18 November 2021,

OpenAI removes GPT-3 API waitlist and opens applications for all developers

OpenAI has removed the waitlist to access its GPT-3 API which means any developer can apply to get started.

Microsoft now has one of the world's fastest supercomputers (and no, it doesn't run on Windows)

Microsoft makes it into the top 10 fastest supercomputers in the world.

18 November 2021,

3 Years After the Maven Uproar, Google Cozies to the Pentagon

The company has contracts to detect corrosion on Navy ships and help maintain Air Force jets. Now it wants to bid for a lucrative cloud contract.

18 November 2021,

Why conversational AI is now ready for prime time

Three businesses share their experiences with conversational AI at NVIDIA's user conference.

18 November 2021,

'Deepfaking the mind' could improve brain-computer interfaces for people with disabilities

Researchers are using generative adversarial networks (GANs) -- technology best known for creating deepfake videos and photorealistic human faces -- to improve brain-computer interfaces for people with disabilities. The team successfully taught an AI to generate synthetic brain activity data.

18 November 2021,

Nvidia shares rise as FYQ3 results top expectations, forecast higher, as demand for AI chips 'surges'

Nvidia said it had record revenue for its data center group as demand for AI chips is "surging," while revenue from crypto mining plunged.

17 November 2021,

Amazon-sponsored artwork that 'learns' debuts at Smithsonian

The artificial intelligence at the heart of a new art exhibit, "me + you," does not judge you necessarily, but it does analyze and interpret what you have to say.

17 November 2021,

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