2022 will be the year of the pizza-making robot

Early iterations have faltered, but it looks like automated pizza is here to stay.

02 December 2021, zdnet.com

Meta releases PyTorch Live for creating mobile ML demos ‘in minutes’

Meta has announced PyTorch Live, a library of tools designed to make it easy to create on-device mobile ML demos “in minutes”.

Ex-Googler Timnit Gebru Starts Her Own AI Research Center

The researcher, who says Google fired her a year ago, wants to ask questions about responsible use of artificial intelligence.

02 December 2021, wired.com

The Movement to Hold AI Accountable Gains More Steam

A New York City law requires algorithms used in hiring to be “audited” for bias. It’s the first in the US—and part of a larger push toward regulation.

02 December 2021, wired.com

Light-powered soft robots could suck up oil spills

A floating, robotic film could be trained to hoover oil spills at sea or remove contaminants from drinking water.

02 December 2021, sciencedaily.com

How statistics can aid in the fight against misinformation

Mathematicians created a statistical model that can be used to detect misinformation in social posts.

02 December 2021, sciencedaily.com

“Xenobot” Living Robots Can Reproduce

Biological robots made from frog cells can replicate by smooshing loose cells into new robots -- a reproduction method not seen in any other organism.

02 December 2021, the-scientist.com

Qualcomm debuts Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 platform for Windows PCs

The latest platform is focused on bolstering the productivity value of Arm-based PCs.

01 December 2021, zdnet.com

C3 AI reports $58.3 million revenue for Q2

C3 AI reported a second quarter revenue that was up 41% from a year ago and a customer base that grew 63% year over year.

01 December 2021, zdnet.com

AWS updates SageMaker for faster machine learning deployments

The new tools and capabilities will make it faster and cheaper to label data, train machine learning models and deploy models for inference.

01 December 2021, zdnet.com

Study shows how machine learning could improve COVID-19 predictive models

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, case rates have ebbed and flowed in ways that have been hard for epidemiological models to predict. A new study by mathematicians from Brown University uses an advanced machine learning technique to explore the strengths and weaknesses of commonly used models, and suggests ways of making them more predictive.

01 December 2021, techxplore.com

Google uses MLPerf competition to showcase performance on gigantic version of BERT language model

Google said training large models is a "huge focus" for the company, and ought to get more attention in the benchmark results.

01 December 2021, zdnet.com

AWS rolls out SageMaker Studio Lab, a free ML service for beginners

At re:Invent, the cloud giant also announced a new $10 million AI & ML scholarship program for underrepresented and underserved students.

01 December 2021, zdnet.com

Meta, AWS expand partnership, aim to enhance PyTorch adoption

The two companies will collaborate to help enterprises use PyTorch on AWS and scale deep learning models.

01 December 2021, zdnet.com

Work Without the Worker, book review: Microtasking, automation and the future of work

Poorly-rewarded 'microworkers' underpin much of the digital world. Phil Jones examines this shadowy economy and explores how its denizens might organise in pursuit of a fairer deal.

01 December 2021, zdnet.com

Engineers create perching bird-like robot

With feet and legs like a peregrine falcon, engineers have created a robot that can perch and carry objects like a bird.

01 December 2021, sciencedaily.com

'My robot is a softie': Physical texture influences judgments of robot personality

Researchers have found that the physical texture of robots influenced perceptions of robot personality. Furthermore, first impressions of robots, based on physical appearance alone, could influence the relationship between physical texture and robot personality formation.

01 December 2021, sciencedaily.com

COVID-19 mobile robot could detect and tackle social distancing breaches

A new strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19 employs a mobile robot that detects people in crowds who are not observing social-distancing rules, navigates to them, and encourages them to move apart.

01 December 2021, sciencedaily.com

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