Google rolls out Vertex AI Forecast for retailers

As supply chain fluctuations, growing global markets and other factors complicate demand forecasting, Google is aiming to help retailers leverage AI for better planning

18 January 2022,

CashPro Forecasting: Bank of America's new AI and machine learning tool

Looking for a way to make informed financial decisions for your business? Bank of America might be able to help.

18 January 2022,

New AI navigation prevents crashes in space

What do you call a broken satellite?

18 January 2022,

Machine Learning AI Can Predict COVID-19 Survival From Single Blood Test

Levels of 14 proteins in the blood of critically ill COVID-19 patients are associated with survival. A single blood sample from a critically ill COVID-19 patient can be analyzed by a machine learning model which uses blood plasma proteins to predict

18 January 2022,

Iconary: A pictionary-like game to improve the communication skills of AI agents

While artificial intelligence (AI) agents have become increasingly skilled at communicating with humans, they still struggle with several aspects of language, including complex semantics. The term semantics refers to the area of linguistics that relates to the meaning associated with specific words or logical connections between different concepts.

18 January 2022,

Artificial intelligence can discriminate on the basis of race and gender, and also age

Algorithms have been shown to discriminate on the basis of race and gender. Studying age-related discrimination is essential to develop more equitable AI systems and technologies.

18 January 2022,

How A.I. Conquered Poker

Good poker players have always known that they need to maintain a balance between bluffing and playing it straight. Now they can do so perfectly.

18 January 2022,

Controlling complex systems with artificial intelligence

Researchers at ETH Zurich and the Frankfurt School have developed an artificial neural network that can solve challenging control problems. The self-learning system can be used for the optimization of supply chains and production processes as well as for smart grids or traffic control systems.

18 January 2022,

How to be a god: We might one day create virtual worlds with characters as intelligent as ourselves

Most research into the ethics of Artificial intelligence (AI) concerns its use for weaponry, transport or profiling. Although the dangers presented by an autonomous, racist tank cannot be understated, there is another aspect to all this. What about o

18 January 2022,

Can AI save amateur soccer from referee shortage?

Harnessing smart phones and AI, some calls could be automated.

18 January 2022,

Edge processing research takes discovery closer to use in artificial intelligence networks

Researchers have successfully demonstrated proof-of-concept of using their multimodal transistor (MMT) in artificial neural networks, which mimic the human brain. This is an important step towards using thin-film transistors as artificial intelligence hardware and moves edge computing forward, with the prospect of reducing power needs and improving efficiency, rather than relying solely on computer chips.

18 January 2022,

Deloitte launches Unlimited Reality to help businesses create AI-powered virtual worlds

Deloitte has launched Unlimited Reality, a new offering that helps clients harness emerging technologies like AI to create engaging virtual worlds as part of the metaverse.

Researchers demonstrate multimodal transistor in artificial neural networks

Researchers at the University of Surrey report a proof-of-concept demonstration of a multimodal transistor (MMT) in artificial neural networks, which mimic the human brain.

17 January 2022,

Physics-Based Engineering and the Machine-Learning “Black Box” Problem

In MIT 2.C161, George Barbastathis demonstrates how mechanical engineers can use their knowledge of physical systems to keep algorithms in check and develop more accurate predictions. Machine-learning algorithms are often referred to as a “black box.

16 January 2022,

Labour peer’s AI healthcare firm Sensyne warns cash is running out

Data analytics company run by Lord Drayson says money could run out in weeks unless it finds emergency funding

14 January 2022,

The first AI breast cancer sleuth that shows its work

Computer engineers and radiologists at Duke University have developed an artificial intelligence platform to analyze potentially cancerous lesions in mammography scans to determine if a patient should receive an invasive biopsy. But unlike its many predecessors, this algorithm is interpretable, meaning it shows physicians exactly how it came to its conclusions.

14 January 2022,

Four times Shakespeare has inspired stories about robots and AI

Science fiction is full of computer programmes and androids who fall afoul of the plots of some of Shakespeare’s most brutal tragedies.

14 January 2022,

The Free-Energy Principle Explains the Brain – Optimizing Neural Networks for Efficiency

The RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) in Japan, along with colleagues, has shown that the free-energy principle can explain how neural networks are optimized for efficiency. Published in the scientific journal Communications Biology, the study fir

14 January 2022,

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