A call to bring more human-centered design to artificial intelligence

Many AI systems are developed under the assumption that 'whatever we want from AI, we're going to press the button, and as if if by magic, it's going to deliver the result to us.'

21 February 2022, zdnet.com

People emotionally tied to robots can undermine relationships with co-workers

Robots have helped humans in countless work environments to a point that the latter—in some cases—developed strong emotional bonds with them.

21 February 2022, techxplore.com

Running multiple APIs side-by-side with AI paves way to hyperautomation for business

Running existing APIs side-by-side can cut costs while reducing inefficiencies, but it requires a critical missing piece – AI.

21 February 2022, venturebeat.com

Can machine-learning models overcome biased datasets?

Artificial intelligence systems may be able to complete tasks quickly, but that doesn't mean they always do so fairly. If the datasets used to train machine-learning models contain biased data, it is likely the system could exhibit that same bias when it makes decisions in practice.

21 February 2022, techxplore.com

How AI is changing data Infrastructure

The impact artificial intelligence (AI) is having on enterprise data processes and workloads is well-documented, as is its capability to monitor and manage complex systems. But what is not widely recognized at this point is how AI will change data in

21 February 2022, venturebeat.com

10 essential ingredients for digital twins in healthcare

Digital twins could transform healthcare with a more integrated approach for capturing data, providing more timely feedback, and enabling more effective interventions. The information required to allow for better simulations lies scattered across medical records, wearables, mobile apps, and pervasive sensors.

21 February 2022, venturebeat.com

No-code automation platform Skael raises $38M to streamline enterprise processes

Skael, a technology vendor developing no-code automation technologies for the enterprise, has raised $38 million in capital.

21 February 2022, venturebeat.com

Five ways AI is saving wildlife – from counting chimps to locating whales

Artificial intelligence has been identified as one of the top three emerging technologies in conservation, helping protect species around the world

21 February 2022, theguardian.com

Hybrid Humans by Harry Parker review – man and machine in harmony

An ex-soldier who lost both legs in Afghanistan examines the implications of advances in medical technology with intelligence and humanity

21 February 2022, theguardian.com

Stanford University use AI computing to cut DNA sequencing down to five hours

Speeding up the genome sequencing process has earned the project a Guinness World Record title.

21 February 2022, zdnet.com

People are bad at spotting fake LinkedIn profiles generated by AI

Social media profiles with deepfake photos and AI-generated text fooled most participants in a study, even when there were obvious errors

21 February 2022, newscientist.com

Can machine-learning models overcome biased datasets?

Researchers have applied the tools of neuroscience to study when and how an artificial neural network can overcome bias in a dataset. They found that data diversity, not dataset size, is key and that the emergence of certain types of neurons during training plays a major role in how well a neural network is able to overcome dataset bias.

21 February 2022, sciencedaily.com

What is intelligent document processing? Why IDP matters in the enterprise

Intelligent document processing, a technology that leverages a range of techniques to process files, has transformative potential.

20 February 2022, venturebeat.com

The data that will change the world is scattered all around us

AI-powered technologies are responsible for numerous improvements, but this is just the beginning: unstructured data could change everything.

20 February 2022, venturebeat.com

Leicester AI team seek volunteers for robot interaction

The robot uses cameras and microphones to monitor a subject and responds via a projected face.

20 February 2022, bbc.com

Who Is Behind QAnon? Linguistic Detectives Find Fingerprints

Using machine learning, separate teams of computer scientists identified the same two men as likely authors of messages that fueled the viral movement.

19 February 2022, nytimes.com

Hiddenite: A New AI Processor Based on a Cutting-Edge Neural Network Theory

A new accelerator chip called “Hiddenite” that can achieve state-of-the-art accuracy in the calculation of sparse “hidden neural networks” with lower computational burdens has now been developed by Tokyo Tech researchers. By employing the proposed on

19 February 2022, scitechdaily.com

Hiddenite: A new AI processor for reduced computational power consumption based on a cutting-edge neural network theory

A new accelerator chip called Hiddenite that can achieve state-of-the-art accuracy in the calculation of sparse hidden neural networks with lower computational burdens has now been developed by Tokyo Tech researchers. By employing the proposed on-chip model construction, which is the combination of weight generation and supermask expansion, the Hiddenite chip drastically reduces external memory access for enhanced computational efficiency.

19 February 2022, techxplore.com

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