lands $40M to automate repetitive marketing tasks, a startup developing a platform to automate repetitive marketing tasks, has raised $40 million in venture capital.

01 March 2022,

Injecting Fairness Into AI: Machine-Learning Models That Produce Fair Outputs Even When Trained on Unfair Data

A new technique boosts models’ ability to reduce bias, even if the dataset used to train the model is unbalanced. If a machine-learning model is trained using an unbalanced dataset, such as one that contains far more images of people with lighter ski

01 March 2022,

Researchers develop an AI-powered surveillance system for future pandemics

Nobody wants to think about the next pandemic. But we need to be prepared, and a critical step in prevention is early detection and intervention.

01 March 2022,

Machine learning improves human speech recognition

To understand how hearing loss impacts people, researchers study people's ability to recognize speech, and hearing aid algorithms are often used to improve human speech recognition. Researchers explore a human speech recognition model based on machine learning and deep neural networks.

01 March 2022, adds contract intelligence to document processing has applied contract intelligence, which is inspired by neuroscience, to its two newest products.

28 February 2022,

How Levi’s uses AI to accelerate its design process and digital transformation

As a company that has been producing jeans and other denim apparel since 1853, Levi Strauss & Co. seemed to be doing just fine without the intervention of neural networks and machine learning algorithms. Levi’s has found plenty of uses for AI technology, from automating mundane tasks and analyzing denim-related data sets to helping its designers create new denim jacket designs.

28 February 2022,

AT&T Partners with Microsoft to develop new 5G edge computing ecosystem

Last week, telecommunications provider AT&T Business announced it was collaborating with Microsoft to integrate the AT&T 5G network with Azure private MEC to help enterprises rapidly deploy private networks across the U.S. 

28 February 2022,

How Testsigma simplifies software test automation with open source

Testsigma pitches itself as an open source test automation platform "for modern developer and quality assurance" teams.

28 February 2022,

MWC: Qualcomm's new 5G modem is the first with built-in AI

At Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm is unveiling a series of connectivity innovations, as well as products and capabilities that are taking Qualcomm technology well beyond the smartphone market.

28 February 2022,

Swiss Plasma Center and DeepMind Use AI To Control Plasmas for Nuclear Fusion

Scientists at EPFL’s Swiss Plasma Center and DeepMind have jointly developed a new method for controlling plasma configurations for use in nuclear fusion research. EPFL’s Swiss Plasma Center (SPC) has decades of experience in plasma physics and plasma control methods.

27 February 2022,

Report: Two-thirds of consumers would rather use a chatbot than browse a website

Nearly all marketing professionals confirm that chatbots have improved the overall customer journey for consumers and companies alike.

26 February 2022,

Why AI is a small business’s best friend

Both on the cloud and in the traditional data center, new services and software releases are bringing advanced AI tools to small businesses in low-cost, easy-to-use formats that don’t require rare and expensive skillsets to operate.

25 February 2022,

SmartCow’s new dev kit promises conversational AI, video apps

SmartCow's new Apollo device enables developers to create applications with conversational AI capabilities.

25 February 2022,

Intel boosts AI inferencing for developers with OpenVINO 2022.1

Intel has unveiled a major new version of OpenVINO to boost AI inferencing performance for developers.

AI Weekly: Meta’s flashy, AI-powered vision of the metaverse brushes over concerns

Meta (formerly Facebook) pitched a flashy vision of the 'metaverse' this week. But the company faces challenges in delivering on its vision.

25 February 2022,

Ferroelectric tunnel junction enables superior neuro-inspired computing

Conventional von Neumann computing systems have grown outdated with the rapid development of neuro-inspired computing. Memristor-based synaptic devices, which emulate biological synapses, are believed to be promising in realizing efficient neuro-inspired computing.

25 February 2022,

A method to automatically generate radar-camera datasets for deep learning applications

In recent years, roboticists and computer scientists have been developing a wide range of systems that can detect objects in their environment and navigate it accordingly. Most of these systems are based on machine learning and deep learning algorithms trained on large image datasets.

25 February 2022,

Artificial intelligence listens to the sound of healthy machines

Sounds provide important information about how well a machine is running. ETH researchers have now developed a new machine learning method that automatically detects whether a machine is "healthy" or requires maintenance.

25 February 2022,

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