The NHS can now access ‘pioneering’ AI stroke diagnosis software

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) has announced a procurement framework for “pioneering” AI software to diagnose strokes.

Grunt of the litter: scientists use AI to decode pig calls

Researchers say algorithm that translates acoustic signatures could be developed to automatically monitor animal wellbeing

07 March 2022,

Convelio, which automates shipping processes for luxury goods, raises $35M

Convelio, which automates shipping processes and workflows for luxury goods, has raised $35 million in a funding round.

07 March 2022,

Simulated human eye movement aims to train metaverse platforms

Computer engineers have developed virtual eyes that simulate how humans look at the world accurately enough for companies to train virtual reality and augmented reality programs. Called EyeSyn for short, the program will help developers create applications for the rapidly expanding metaverse while protecting user data.

07 March 2022,

How visual data is propelling a new wave of climate tech

The growing market for climate tech and advances in AI are triggering a wave of exciting climate tech companies powered by visual data.

06 March 2022,

Por qué los chatbots se están poniendo más inteligentes

Los asistentes de atención al cliente se están volviendo menos robóticos y están en proceso de mejorar de manera significativa durante los próximos años.

06 March 2022,

4 tips to responsibly and ethically implement AI for hiring

How do companies ensure that their AI technology is improving the ethics and equity of their hiring process, not hindering it?

05 March 2022,

Machine learning gets smarter to speed up drug discovery

Predicting molecular properties quickly and accurately is important to advancing scientific discovery and application in areas ranging from materials science to pharmaceuticals. Because experiments and simulations to explore potential options are time-consuming and costly, scientists have investigated using machine learning (ML) methods to aid in computational chemistry research.

04 March 2022,

Artificial intelligence predicts algae potential as alternative energy source

Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists are using artificial intelligence to set a new world record for producing algae as a reliable, economic source for biofuel that can be used as an alternative fuel source for jet aircraft and other transportation needs.

04 March 2022,

AI Weekly: The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a test case for AI in warfare

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a proving ground for AI technologies applied to warfare. Already, the impacts are coming into clear view.

04 March 2022,

AI helped protect businesses from COVID-19 risks

A new study has found that artificial intelligence (AI) apps helped protect small and medium-sized businesses against many of the risks that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic—yet only a quarter of small firms currently use them.

04 March 2022,

Microsoft finalizes its acquisition of Nuance Communications

Microsoft's $19.7 billion purchase of voice-recognition specialist Nuance is now officially complete.

04 March 2022,

PolyCoder is an open source AI code-generator that researchers claim trumps Codex

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a code-generating AI system that they claim can write in C better than OpenAI's Codex.

04 March 2022,

Machine learning offers shortcut to optimal HVAC operation

Control mechanisms for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in buildings follow set parameters to make conditions in a building more comfortable, but what they save on time can reduce efficiency and increase energy costs, according to Gregory Pavlak, assistant professor of architectural engineering.

04 March 2022,

Bendy robotic arm twisted into shape with help of augmented reality

Researchers have designed a malleable robotic arm that can be guided into shape by a person using augmented reality (AR) goggles.

04 March 2022,

How AI protects machine identities in a zero-trust world

By scanning enterprise networks, bad actors often find unprotected machine identities to exploit, making them a favored attack surface.

03 March 2022,

AI-powered intelligent security makes the hybrid enterprise possible

For countless companies around the world, being able to keep business going with a remote or hybrid workforce during the pandemic has been essential. While the cybersecurity challenges of having workers in the home have been massive, the use of advanced AI, machine learning (ML) and deep learning technologies in many security tools has been among the key factors in making this all possible.

03 March 2022,

Tipping the scales: Hardening your cyber defenses by thinking like your attacker

For decades, cyber-attackers have had the upper hand. But what could tip the scales in the other direction?

03 March 2022,

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