Opinion | The Return of the Magicians

Why we are seeing so many attempts to link magic to science.

02 March 2023, nytimes.com

Tech rivals chase ChatGPT as AI race ramps up

Chasing Microsoft, global tech giants have rolled out announcements on how they will implement ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence into their world leading platforms and applications, with YouTube the latest to present plans.

02 March 2023, techxplore.com

AI could make more work for us, instead of simplifying our lives

Automation may not reduce our workloads as much as we’d hoped.

02 March 2023, theconversation.com

Last night AI DJ saved my life? Testing Spotify’s virtual radio host

A male voice offers ‘commentary’ as the service curates a stream of songs I’ve heard before. Do I really need this?

02 March 2023, theguardian.com

Qwak, an all-in-one MLOps platform to build and deploy models, raises $12M

Qwak, an Israel-based MLOps platform, today announced it has raised $12 million in a fresh round of funding.

02 March 2023, venturebeat.com

Romania PM unveils AI ‘adviser’ to tell him what people think in real time

Nicolae Ciuca says bot named Ion is a world first and that using artificial intelligence is ‘an obligation’ to make better decisions

02 March 2023, theguardian.com

Using deep learning to develop a forecasting model for efficiently managing electric grids

Climate change is a major environmental challenge of our time. It is accelerating due to excessive carbon emissions from non-renewable energy sources, including fossil fuels. Given these circumstances, governments worldwide are framing policies to achieve carbon neutrality by promoting green energy.

01 March 2023, techxplore.com

Real AI will need biology: Computers powered by human brain cells

The time has come to create a new kind of computer, say researchers from John Hopkins University together with Dr. Brett Kagan, chief scientist at Cortical Labs in Melbourne, who recently led development of the DishBrain project, in which human cells in a petri dish learnt to play Pong.

01 March 2023, techxplore.com

Opinion | Four Experts on Tech Hiring Talk About Where the Jobs Are

Their answers gave me hope for the future of our species.

01 March 2023, nytimes.com

ChatGPT: How to prevent it becoming a nightmare for professional writers

Nearly half of white-collar professionals have tried using ChatGPT to help with their work, according to a recent survey of more than 10,000 people at blue chips such as Google, JP Morgan and McKinsey. That's staggering, considering the AI chatbot was only released to the public in November.

01 March 2023, techxplore.com

DALL-E 2 and Midjourney can be a boon for industrial designers

Since the introduction of DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT, there has been a fair amount of hand-wringing about AI technology—some of it justified.

01 March 2023, techxplore.com

Europeans scramble in AI race

Generative AI chatbots unveiled by US tech firms have captivated the world with their spectacular successes and failures in engaging in conversations.

01 March 2023, techxplore.com

Echo state graph neural networks with analogue random resistive memory arrays

Graph neural networks have been widely used for studying social networks, e-commerce, drug predictions, human-computer interaction, and more.

01 March 2023, techxplore.com

AI-generated content detection tools put to the test

How can we distinguish between human-written text and that created by ChatGPT and other generative AI models? We put several to the test.

01 March 2023, venturebeat.com

A new approach to improve robot navigation in crowded environments

While robots have become increasingly advanced over the past few years, most of them are still unable to reliably navigate very crowded spaces, such as public areas or roads in urban environments. To be implemented on a large-scale and in the smart cities of the future, however, robots will need to be able to navigate these environments both reliably and safely, without colliding with humans or nearby objects.

01 March 2023, techxplore.com

Informatica launches AI tool for marketers 

Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management specialist, has launched the industry’s only free cloud data loading, integration and ETL/ELT service – Informatica Cloud Data Integration-Free and PayGo.

How D-Id is merging avatars with conversational AI for enterprise use cases

The power of generative AI is now coming to avatars. Today, D-ID releases new chatbot leveraging conversational AI.

01 March 2023, venturebeat.com

AI could help NHS surgeons perform 300 more transplants every year, say UK surgeons

Researchers have secured £1m to refine method of scoring potential organs by comparing images

01 March 2023, theguardian.com

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