Warning: Objects in driverless car sensors may be closer than they appear

Researchers at Duke University have demonstrated the first attack strategy that can fool industry-standard autonomous vehicle sensors into believing nearby objects are closer (or further) than they appear without being detected.

14 March 2022, techxplore.com

Meaningful standards for auditing high-stakes artificial intelligence

When hiring, many organizations use artificial intelligence tools to scan resumes and predict job-relevant skills. Colleges and universities use AI to automatically score essays, process transcripts and review extracurricular activities to predetermine who is likely to be a "good student.

14 March 2022, techxplore.com

Study highlights the potential of neuromorphic architectures to perform random walk computations

Over the past decade or so, many researchers worldwide have been trying to develop brain-inspired computer systems, also known as neuromorphic computing tools. The majority of these systems are currently used to run deep learning algorithms and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

14 March 2022, techxplore.com

You're doing it wrong: You need to compare apples to oranges

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers argue in a new paper that previous tests of virtual reality versus social robots for cognitive training compare apples to apples when they really need to be comparing apples to oranges.

14 March 2022, techxplore.com

Ukraine harnesses Clearview AI to uncover assailants and identify the fallen

Ukraine is using Clearview AI’s facial recognition software to uncover Russian assailants and identify Ukrainians who’ve sadly lost their lives in the conflict.

Can AI transform small businesses and grow prosperity across North America?

"We have to enable AI-powered small businesses to serve their customers better with access to data-driven decisions and industry innovation."

14 March 2022, venturebeat.com

Ukraine reportedly adopts Clearview AI to track Russian invaders

The facial recognition technology has not been made available to Russia.

14 March 2022, zdnet.com

How we handle language in the metaverse could set the tone for its future

We may need synthetic data to remove language bias in the metaverse so that everyone has a voice -- not just those who shout the loudest.

13 March 2022, venturebeat.com

How decision intelligence could put AI at the center of every business

Decision intelligence can help CTOs and technical teams run data projects that deliver quantifiable results for their businesses.

13 March 2022, venturebeat.com

How an ER simulation helps medical and engineering students see new points of view

Courses designed to foster peer-to-peer learning in virtual spaces can yield research insights across disciplines.

13 March 2022, theconversation.com

The problem with manual optimization and what to do instead

Despite its inefficiencies, manual optimization is still the process of choice for so many marketers. Why is that?

12 March 2022, venturebeat.com

Executives discuss top challenges in deploying AI — and how to solve them

Deploying AI in the enterprise isn't easy -- surveys show that many AI projects fail. But there are solutions to common setbacks.

12 March 2022, venturebeat.com

Data and AI are keys to digital transformation – how can you ensure their integrity?

In 2022, data and AI have set the stage for the digital revolution. How can orgs ensure that responsibility and ethics are at their core?

11 March 2022, venturebeat.com

Tecton and Redis partner to improve real-time ML services

Tecton and Redis hope to help orgs with more demanding ML use cases, such as real-time pricing or search ranking and recommendations.

11 March 2022, venturebeat.com

Enot.ai debuts solution to optimize deep neural networks

Latvia headquartered AI startup Enot.ai has launched a solution to help AI developers optimize their deep neural networks.

11 March 2022, venturebeat.com

A Forrester analyst's impressions from Mobile World Congress 2022

Overall, MWC22 struck a constructive tone. Overall, the mood was one of getting things done with what is possible and available today.

11 March 2022, zdnet.com

How Gap leverages data and AI for retail success

At Venturebeat's Data Summit, Heather Mickman, the interim CIO of Gap, shared the company's data journey and how it is leveraging AI for retail success.

11 March 2022, venturebeat.com

Deep learning: A framework for image analysis in life sciences

Scientists are constantly seeking imaging systems that are faster, more powerful and capable of supporting longer observation times. This is especially true in life sciences, where objects of interest are rarely visible to the naked eye. As technological progress allows us to study life on ever smaller scales of time and space, often at less than nanoscale, researchers are also turning to increasingly powerful artificial intelligence programs to sort through and analyze these vast datasets.

11 March 2022, techxplore.com

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