MIT researchers use simulation to train a robot to run at high speeds

Researchers at MIT have developed a new approach that enables them to program robots in simulation and then deploy them to the real world.

17 March 2022,

GameDriver releases new testing software, receives seed funding

GameDriver makes software that automates the QA process for game developers.

17 March 2022,

Don’t miss the Microsoft Azure + NVIDIA breakthroughs at spring GTC

Headlining Microsoft’s sessions at GTC will be two executive keynotes with the chance to win a free NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4GB Developer Kit.

17 March 2022,

President Zelenskyy deepfake asks Ukrainians to ‘lay down arms’

A deepfake of President Zelenskyy calling on citizens to “lay down arms” was posted to a hacked Ukrainian news website and shared across social networks.

How Adobe’s new B2B products enhance customer hyper-personalization

Adobe has announced new tools for customers to best respond to personalized B2B campaigns that are reflective of their past interactions.

16 March 2022,

How artificial intelligence can help combat systemic racism

In 2020, Detroit police arrested a Black man for shoplifting almost $4,000 worth of watches from an upscale boutique. He was handcuffed in front of his family and spent a night in lockup. After some questioning, however, it became clear that they had the wrong man.

16 March 2022,

AI maps psychedelic 'trip' experiences to regions of the brain – opening new route to psychiatric treatments

Pinpointing the molecular targets behind the subjective effects of psychedelic drugs could help clinicians and researchers better treat psychiatric conditions.

16 March 2022,

Reducing crime with better visualisation of data

Effective policing relies on good data. The prevention and reduction of crime, particularly serious and organised crime, depends on law enforcement agencies being able to gain swift insights from the huge and increasing amount of information at their disposal.

Using artificial intelligence in health sciences education requires interdisciplinary collaboration and risk assessment

There are growing applications of artificial intelligence in health sciences education. Students and practitioners need to be educated on using these technologies and made aware of their implications.

16 March 2022,

Computer simulation brings us closer to schools of fishlike underwater research drones

Skoltech researchers and their colleagues from ESPCI Paris, Chiba University, and Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology have used a 3D simulation to show that small fish swimming in a school can sense the position and tail beat of their neighbors as water pressure variation on the side of their bodies.

16 March 2022,

Report: There's more to AI bias than biased data

As a step toward improving our ability to identify and manage the harmful effects of bias in artificial intelligence (AI) systems, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommend widening the scope of where we look for the source of these biases—beyond the machine learning processes and data used to train AI software to the broader societal factors that influence how technology is developed.

16 March 2022,

Robotic telekinesis: Allowing humans to remotely operate and train robotic hands

Over the past few decades, computer scientists have developed increasingly advanced techniques to train and operate robots. Collectively, these methods could facilitate the integration of robotic systems in an increasingly wide range of real-world settings.

16 March 2022, nabs $120M to bolster its AI-powered recruitment platform, a startup developing a platform to match job candidates with open roles, has raised $120 million in venture financing.

16 March 2022,

Stanford report shows that ethics challenges continue to dog AI field as funding climbs

A report from Stanford's Human-Centered AI institute shows that AI remains dogged by ethical and bias challenges, but that funding is increasing.

16 March 2022,

Train with AI and challenge opponents worldwide with this CES-featured chessboard

With Square Off Pro, you can learn to play chess with AI assistance and much more

16 March 2022,

Nautilus Labs raises $34M to optimize ship routes while reducing emissions

Nautilus Labs, a company developing an AI-powered ship routing solution to cut down on emissions, has raised $34 million in funding.

16 March 2022,

Drone proponents rejoice at FAA recommendations

FAA committee weighs in on drones operating beyond visible line of sight (BVLOS).

16 March 2022,

Miso Robotics partners with Chipotle for tortilla chip-making robots

Miso Robotics is partnering with Chipotle to launch a robot that can make tortilla chips, ostensibly as well as a human.

16 March 2022,

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